ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance offers cover against expenses arising from medical treatment of any illness or injury. An ideal health insurance plan for all your health expenses needs. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance plans provide you with comprehensive protection by offering coverage for hospitalization, daycare procedures, medical care at home (domiciliary hospitalization), ambulance charges, pre and post-hospitalization, and more.

They offer insurance to individuals and financial protection solutions to businesses.

ICICI Lombard General Insurance has 6500+ network hospitals under its network. Customers can quickly get help from the customer services team as they are available 24x7 on call and chat support. At the same time, customers can promptly intimate claims through IL Take Care app. ICICI Lombard has an in-house claim settlement team to ensure that all claims are settled on time without any inconvenience to the customer. ICICI has a countrywide presence with 273 branches.

Features of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

Comprehensive coverage

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance has a varied range of health plans, each of which are customized to cater to unique health needs of their customers. What’s more, there are add-on riders, which are optional features that applicants can opt for to enhance the effectiveness of their policies.

Digital signature

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance policies can now be purchased online within a few clicks through the digital signature feature. This means that you can buy them, irrespective of the location or time zone you are in.

Minimal documents required

The advent of the digital medium has become a medium that helps avoid the hassle of visiting the branch of the insurance company. Buying a health plan, renewing it, or making claims against it has become quick and hassle-free. Moreover, these online processes require minimal documentation.

Rewards program

The ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Company is known for its attractive rewards program, which is a part of the Wellness Program. This Program offers incentives to policyholders for making healthy decisions. These incentives are in the form of wellness points.

Benefits of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

  • Customer Service: Among other things, ICICI Lombard is strongly dedicated towards a customer-oriented service approach.

  • Claim Settlement: As on 31st March 2015, ICICI Lombard issued over 13.87 million policies and settled over 3.41 million claims. This is reflective of their excellent claim settlement record.

  • Technologically Sound: The company is known to be technologically well-equipped and has also received the ‘Best Mobile Application’ award by Asia Insurance Technology Award 2014.

  • The incurred claim settlement ratio of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance for F.Y.2018-19 is 76%.

Why Should You Opt for ICICI Lombard Health Insurance?

  • Quick and Easy Claim Settlement: Cashless claims are settled within a maximum of 4 hours from registering the claim. Reimbursement claims are settled within 14 days.

  • Lifelong Renewability: The benefit of lifelong renewability ensures that you will be eligible for health cover whenever you require it. - Reset sum insured up to 100%: The pre-decided sum insured is restored once every policy year ranging up to 100% on claims that have been raised in the same policy year. The reset sum insured is applicable for injuries and illnesses that are not related to the claim that has been paid for.

  • Alternate Medical Treatments: Expenses incurred towards alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatment undertaken at government hospitals or government-authorized hospitals or those that are recognized by Quality Council of India.

  • Additional Coverages: These coverage benefits include covers for preventive healthcare, maternity and new born baby cover, etc. which can be purchased over and above the basic plan, as per policyholders’ unique needs.

  • Value-added Services: Consultation with specialized medical practitioners, free health check-ups, etc. are offered as value-added services.

  • Tax Benefit: Tax benefits can be availed on annual premiums paid towards health insurance policy under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Checklist before Buying ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

  • Effectiveness of the Coverage Offered: Health plans are designed to meet the financial objectives and varied needs of their customers across age, gender, etc. It is often recommended that an individual opts for a health plan that covers each family member separately as opposed to purchasing one that covers the entire family. Buying a plan that covers every family member separately may prove to be a comparatively more expensive. On the other hand, a family plan may not offer a coverage that is sufficient for the entire family. Hence, it is important for you to check the sum insured before finalizing your plan.

  • Coverage Exclusions: Always take special note of the treatments, tests or illnesses that are excluded by your policy. Fail to do so, and you may end up either paying for a treatment that is already covered, or be stuck with a huge bill after the treatment is done.

  • Network Hospitals: Check whether the list of network hospitals includes names that are located in your vicinity or the ones that you prefer. This will also enable you to receive cashless benefits, making hospitalization hassle-free.

  • Pre-existing Illnesses: Coverages for pre-existing illnesses attract a waiting period of at least a couple of years. Remember to check the waiting period for the pre-existing illness that you want to get covered for, so that you can make a conscious decision.

  • Incurred Claim Ratio of the Insurance Company: Incurred Claim Ratio of an insurance company represents its efficiency in settling claims. This will give you an idea about your chances of getting a claim settled within a short span of time, in case you make one in the future. Update yourself on the incurred claim ratio of the insurer before you purchase a plan.

  • Reimbursement Capping: Check for hospital room rent, hospital daily cash limits and other similar details applicable on health plans during the decision-making process.

Documents Required to buy ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

Following documents are required to buy ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

  • Proof of Identity (PoI)
  • Proof of Address (PoA)
  • Diagnostic medical tests, as asked for by the insurance company

Documents Required to Claim ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

Following documents are required to raise a claim with ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

  • Claim Form duly signed by the insured and the concerned medical consultant
  • Original copies of medical bills, receipts and prescriptions and diagnostic test reports
  • Original copies of receipts and bills of expenses incurred for hospitalization, issued by the relevant medical consultant or the hospital authorities

Claim Process at ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

There are two ways to make a claim under a Health Insurance Policy: on a cashless basis and on a reimbursement basis. In simple terms, for making a claim on cashless basis, the treatment must be done only at a network hospital of the insurance company servicing your policy. For availing the treatment, you would have to first seek an authorization as per the procedures laid down and in the prescribed form. In case of claims on reimbursement basis, the insurance company has to be informed as per their prescribed procedures. The policyholder has to ensure that documents such as claim form, discharge summary, prescriptions and bills to be submitted for the claim on reimbursement are obtained after hospitalization.

The claim processing system at ICICI Lombard is as follows:

Cashless Service- seeking Pre-Authorization Reimbursement Claim- Claim Submission
  • Get admitted at any of the ICICI Lombard's network hospitals.
  • Collect all original treatment documents and expense invoices at the time of getting discharge.
  • Send the duly filled pre-authorization form with relevant documents via fax.
  • Mail the duly filled claim form along with prescribed necessary documents to ICICI Lombard.
  • Prescribed relevant documents include: investigation reports, consultation papers, Cashless ID and Photo ID.
  • Necessary documents include: discharge form, payment receipts, final hospital bills, doctor's consultation papers, Medico Legal Certificate or FIR in accident cases, copy of health card.
  • After reviewing the claim request, the application maybe approved, rejected and cross-examined, as per policy terms and conditions.
  • After reviewing the claim request, the application maybe approved, rejected and cross-examined, as per policy terms and conditions.
  • The claim will be settled with the hospital, as per policy terms and conditions, once all the formalities have been completed.
  • In case of any emergencies, you need to inform ICICI Lombard within 24 hours of the admission. In case of planned emergencies, the notification has to reach the company two days prior to the hospitalization. The claim intimation can be done through ICICI Lombard's 24x7 toll free number 1800-2666 or by SMS 'HEALTHCLAIM' to 575758 (charge Rs 3 per SMS). The same could also be emailed to ihealthcare@icicilombard.com. Send relevant documents to the company's registered address.

    Note: If you are a Coverfox customer, you can directly reach out to us for all your claim-related issues and queries.

    ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Network Hospitals for Cashless Treatment

    ICICI Lombard Health Insurance has a vast network of more than 3,600+ network hospitals at various locations across India. You can select the State, City and Area to locate the network hospital(s) at your preferred location. For More Details Click On ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Network Hospital & Get Caschless Hospitalization Service.

    ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Renewal

    Simply follow the below mentioned steps to get your health insurance renewed with ICICI Lombard

    • Visit the official website of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance Company
    • Mention the name of your health plan from the insurance company and Date of Birth
    • Click on the ‘Proceed’ button
    • Complete paying online from the available modes of payment
    • A renewal certificate will be generated and sent to the email ID that you have registered with ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

    Customer Contact Information

    The customer contact information for ICICI Lombard Health insurance is as follows:

    Registered Address: ICICI Lombard House 414, P. Balu Marg, Off Veer Sawarkar Marg, Near Siddhivinayak Temple, Prabhadevi Mumbai - 400025

    Customer Support: ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd. 401-402, Interface Bldg; No.11, Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064

    Email: customersupport@icicilombard.com

    Toll-free No.: 1800 2666

    Contact No.: 8655222666


    Get Lowest Rates for Health Insurance

    Mediclaim Plans starting @ Rs 350 / month

    Review of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

    ICICI Lombard's iHealth Plan is a complete plan intended to cover your health-related expenditures during those trying times thereby reducing your monetary strain and perhaps minimizing succeeding ill-effects to your well-being. And if you are uncertain about the coverage, choose the base and top up the sum insured with a super top up plan offered at nominal premium. ICICI Lombard's Super Top Up plan, Healthcare Plus, shields you against medical expenses where your prevailing health policy coverage proves to be insufficient.

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    FAQs on ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

    Which all hospitals are covered under ICICI Lombard's cashless network?

    Cashless services are available at a network hospital. To locate an ICICI Lombard network hospital near you, click here.

    What is hospital daily cash?

    In case, a person is hospitalized for at least 3 consecutive days (subject to a maximum of 10 consecutive days) then a specified benefit amount for each and every completed day of hospitalization is paid. This payment is called hospital daily cash.

    How many times can one claim Hospital daily cash?

    Hospital daily cash can be claimed once in a policy year. It gets restored every year in a multi-year policy.

    Will selecting critical illness and donor expense cover all insured?

    A maximum of 2 adults (up to 60 years of age) are covered. Children are not covered.

    How can I approach ICICI Lombard for portability?

    You may visit any of ICICI Lombard's branches. Portability is also possible by approaching their individual agents, corporate agents and brokers. Remember that only like-to-like policies, i.e. basic to basic or top-up to top-up, are portable.

    Where should I send my documents for making claims?

    You can send the documents to the company's registered address: ICICI Lombard House, 414, Veer Savarkar Marg, Near Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025. Alternately, the claim intimation can be done through ICICI Lombard's 24x7 toll free number 1800-2666 or by SMS 'HEALTHCLAIM' to 575758 (charge Rs 3 per SMS).

    Which other insurance products are offered by ICICI Lombard?

    The company also offers car and two-wheeler insurance policies. To know more about the offered car insurance plan, click here.

    What is ICICI Lombard health care card?

    Your ICICI Lombard health care card stands as a representation of you being a policyholder of a health plan from the insurance company. You have to submit a copy of the claim health care card at the time of hospitalization at a network hospital to be able to avail cashless benefits.

    How to check ICICI Lombard claim status?

    You can check your claim status online through the following steps:

    • Visit the official website of ICICI Lombard Health Insurance
    • Enter your Claim Number or AL Number
    • Click on the ‘Search’ option to be redirected to another page where you can view your current claim status

    How to fill ICICI Lombard health insurance claim form?

    You can download the ICICI Lombard Health Insurance claim form from the company’s official website or collect it from any of their branches. You can then fill it up with the required details.

    How do I cancel my ICICI Lombard policy?

    You can cancel your ICICI Lombard Health Insurance policy only during the free-look period. All you need to do is download the Cancellation Form from the company’s official portal, fill it up with the required information and submit it at any of their branches, along with the policy document. The insurance company processes your cancellation request and refunds the premium that has been paid by you till then, after making applicable deductions (if any), within 15 days.

    How long does it take for a health insurance claim to get processed?

    Cashless claims are processed within 4 hours of the claims being made, while reimbursement claims are processed within 14 days.

    Does ICICI Lombard cover pregnancy? Please Explain.

    ICICI Lombard does cover pregnancy and maternity expenses under ICICI Lombard’s Complete Health Insurance Plan.

    How do I claim my ICICI Lombard Health Insurance?

    For Cashless Claim:

    • Inform ICICI Lombard Health Insurance
    • Submit health card as proof of you being a policyholder
    • After claim approval by the insurance company, you can go for the required medical treatment at the hospital and the claim amount will be paid directly to the network hospital where you have received treatment For Reimbursement Claim:
    • Fill claim form
    • Submit it along with proofs of expenses incurred like receipts and bills, prescriptions, discharge summary, reports, etc.
    • Reimbursements will be paid to you by ICICI Lombard Health Insurance within 7 working days

    What does policy inception date mean in terms of health insurance plans by ICICI Lombard?

    Inception date refers to the day on which ICICI Lombard’s health Insurance plan begins for the policyholder. It is also known as policy start date.

    What does optional coverage mean in terms of ICICI Lombard insurance?

    Add-on riders that are available on a nominal additional premium over and above the basic plans from ICICI Lombard Health Insurance are known as optional coverage. They are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the basic plan.

    What does the term mandatory coverage mean in ICICI Lombard?

    Coverage offered under the basic plans from ICICI Lombard Health Insurance by default is known as mandatory coverage.

    What is the premium payable for ICICI Lombard health insurance?

    Premium payable for ICICI Lombard Health Insurance is not constant. It is determined by various parameters of the applicant – age, gender, current health condition, sum insured, etc.

    What is the entry and exit age?

    Entry age is the minimum age limit permissible at the time of purchasing a policy. Exit age is the maximum age limit after which a policy cannot be purchased or renewed.

    What does permanent exclusion mean?

    Permanent exclusions are specific treatments that are never covered under health insurance policy for whole life. These treatments are specifically mentioned in the policy document under the section titled, ‘Permanent Exclusions’.

    What does the term sublimit mean in health insurance policy by ICICI Lombard?

    A monetary limit placed on certain features and benefits applicable on a policy from ICICI Lombard Health Insurance is referred to as a ‘sublimit’. Policyholders have the flexibility to opt out from choosing these features, thus, making them eligible for a reduced premium.

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