IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

IFFCO Tokio, a collaborative unit between IFFCO and associates and Tokio Marine and Nichido Group of Japan, offers comprehensive health insurance plans that take care of your and your family’s health needs.

The company’s health insurance plans cover up to 5 family members, provide lifetime renewal benefits and have a strong network of hospitals PAN India to ensure that all you need to worry about is your well-being and nothing else!

Features of Iffco Tokio Health Insurance

  • No. of members- The plan covers maximum 5 members of your family with up to 3 children and 2 adults.
  • Lifelong Renewal – The plans offered are lifelong renewable, hence it saves you from the financial burden and stress caused by a medical emergency and keeps you well prepared to handle any situation.
  • Pre & Post hospitalization cover - The plan covers medical expenses for 60 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization only for related medical expenses.
  • Health Check-ups – On successful completion of 4 claim-free years, the health check-up expenses are reimbursed up to maximum 1% of the average sum insured.
  • Pre-existing diseases - Pre-existing diseases are covered after 3 years of waiting period.
  • Co-payment - The plan has no co-payment policy.

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Benefits of Buying Health Insurance from Iffco Tokio Health Insurance

  • Trusted Brand: With Tokio Marine & Nichico Fire Insurance Company, the oldest insurance company in Japan, as its promoter, IFFCO Tokio has the expertise in the insurance vertical. It is one of the largest and popular insurance companies with a loyal customer base.
  • Ideal Products: IFFCO Tokio health insurance designs products keeping their audience in mind and you are bound to find a health insurance plan that suits you the best.
  • Strong network of hospitals: With a PAN India presence, Iffco Tokio has a strong network of hospitals for cashless hospitalization.
  • Claim settlement: With minimal rejection ratio, IFFCO Tokio health insurance comes on top when it comes to claim settlements.
  • The incurred claim settlement ratio of IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance for F.Y.2018-19 is 102%.

What is Covered by IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance?

  • Cashless Hospitalization: IFFCO Tokio has an extensive range of 4200+ authorized network hospitals where policyholders can avail cashless benefits.
  • Reimbursement: For medical expenses at hospitals that are not a part of the insurer’s authorized hospitals, expenditures incurred are reimbursed by the insurance company on submission of bills and documents as proof.
  • Alternative Treatments: Apart from expenses for hospitalization and pre and post-hospitalization expenditures, alternative treatments like Ayurveda and Homeopathy are covered by health plans from the insurance company.
  • Treatments Undertaken at Home: Not just expenses incurred due to hospitalization, treatments at home are also a part of the coverage.
  • Expenses for Organ Donation: Expenditures incurred towards donation of organs are a part of the coverage for health plans from IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: This includes ambulance charges, attendant allowance, etc.
  • Add-on Riders: Additional riders, available over and above the basic plan from IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance, enhance the effectiveness of the health plan. It is not mandatory for policyholders to opt for all the add-on riders offered by the insurance company. They can purchase them as per their unique requirements.
  • Digitally Signed Policy Document: Digital signatures ensure that IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance policies can be purchased online instantly, making the process quick and hassle-free.
  • No Involvement of Third Party Administrators (TPAs): Interested applicants and policyholders do not have to coordinate with Third Party Administrators like brokers and agents to avail cashless or reimbursement facilities. They can directly get in touch with the insurance company regarding cashless claims, making the claims procedure seamless and quick.

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What is Not Covered by IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance?

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Pre-existing health conditions, i.e., illnesses that the policyholder had been suffering from at the time of purchasing the policy, are not included in the policies from IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance. These are covered only after a waiting period of at least 2 to 4 years, depending on the type of illness and risk involved.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: Surgeries that are undertaken to alter or improve the appearance of individuals are not covered under health plans from IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance. However, in case a cosmetic surgery is required because of an accident or injury, it will be covered by the health plan. Treatment for sex change, hormone replacement therapy is also excluded.
  • Pregnancy and Pre and Post-natal Conditions: Apart from pregnancy that is not covered in most health plans, other conditions like childbirth and abortion, and related treatments are also not included in policies from IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance. Even if pregnancy is covered, policyholders are eligible for it only after a specific waiting period.
  • Dental, Hearing and Vision: Treatments related to teeth and vision are not covered by health insurance plans as they do not involve hospitalization. If it requires hospitalization, it will be covered by the insurance company.
  • Treatment Due to Self-Injuries: Medical treatments required due to self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide.

IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Premium Calculator

Premium Calculator, the automated tool, has simplified the lives of insurers as well as health insurance applicants. Modern insurance companies, having realized the potential of digitalization in ensuring customer satisfaction, have integrated the ‘Premium Calculator’ feature on their official websites. Some Third Party Administrators (TPAs) of these health insurance companies also offer this benefit to interested applicants.

It requires applicants of health plans to enter certain details about themselves and members to be insured like chosen policy, sum insured they are aiming for, no. of members to be insured and their age, etc. for the digital calculator to calculate the premium for the health plan that they have selected.

IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Online Renewal Process

The Online Renewal Process Is As Below:

  • Visit the official website of IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Company
  • Click on the ‘Renew Health Policy’ option to be directed to another page
  • Enter the required details about your type of product, policy number, and first and last name of the primary member
  • Click on the ‘Search’ option
  • Make your payment online
  • A renewal completion document will be generated and forwarded to the email ID that you have registered with the insurance company

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Iffco Tokio Health Insurance Claim Status

There are two ways to make claim under a Health Insurance Policy: on cashless basis and on reimbursement basis. In simple terms, for making a claim on cashless basis, the treatment must be done only at a network hospital of the insurance company servicing your policy. For availing the treatment, you would have to first seek an authorization as per the procedures laid down and in the prescribed form. In case of claims on reimbursement basis, the insurance company has to be informed as per their prescribed procedures. The policyholder has to ensure that documents such as claim form, discharge summary, prescriptions and bills to be submitted for the claim on reimbursement are obtained after hospitalization.

Religare Health Insurance has a well-defined claim processing system.

Casless Claim Service

  • Complete the pre-authorization form available at the hospital's insurance/TPA Desk.
  • Send the completed form via email or fax.
  • Approved letter will be sent by the claim
  • management team. Remember that the claim management team could send an inquiry to the hospital or you before authorization.
  • In case the authorization is rejected, initiate the treatment and file for reimbursement claim.
  • Reimbursement Claim Service

    • Complete the necessary form and submit along with required documents, as per the policy terms and conditions.
    • Necessary documents include discharge summary, prescriptions, bills etc.
    • Approved letter will be sent by the claim management team. Remember that you will be answerable to any queries raised by the claim management team before the letter is issued.
    • In case the claim is rejected, the team will communicate the reasons.

    In case of any emergencies, you need to inform Iffco Tokio within 24 hours of the admission. In case of planned emergencies, the notification has to reach the company 48 hours prior to the hospitalization. The claim intimation can be done via Iffco Tokio's toll free number 1-800-103-5499. The same could also be emailed to websupport@iffcotokio.co.in.

    Documents Required to Claim IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

    • Claim Form, duly filled up by the policyholder
    • Doctor's certificate and treatment reports
    • Discharge summary
    • Bills
    • Prescriptions
    • Advance and final receipts
    • Diagnostic test reports, X Ray, scan, ECG and other films

    Further documents may be called upon for by the claim processing team if requirement for the same arises.

    Note: If you are a Coverfox customer, you can directly reach out to us for all your claim-related issues and queries.

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    IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Network Hospitals List

    IFFCO Tokio has an extensive network of 4200+ hospitals at various cities across India. A IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Network Hospitals are authorized to offer cashless benefit to the policyholders of IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Company. This implies that policyholders do not have to pay a lump sum amount at the time of hospitalization or for any other medical expenses incurred during hospitalization.

    This helps policyholders overcome the hassle of making payments at critical moments, saving time and making processes hassle-free.

    IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Customer Care Support

    Contact Number: (0124) 428 5499

    Toll-free Number: 1-800-103-5499

    Email: websupport@iffcotokio.co.in

    Address: IFFCO Tower, Plot No. 3, Sector 29, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana (India)

    Review of Iffco Tokio Health Insurance

    With a robust base of faithful customers clubbed with sturdy Pan India branch setup, Iffco Tokio's Family Health Insurance Plans are reasonably priced and cost-optimized. Also the premiums are viable, pocket friendly and accounted for. The cover gives you cashless hospitalization benefit in over 3000 hospitals across nation. If a worthy health cover with strict budget is what's on your mind, iffco Tokio is a sure contender.

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    FAQ's On IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance

    Why to Buy IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Plans?

    The following are the features and benefits that make health plans from IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance score over other health policies:

    • Exclusion for pre-existing illnesses extend to 2-4 years, as opposed to the 4 years limit that is applicable to health plans from other insurance companies
    • Has an extensive network of more than 4200+ hospitals all over India
    • Tech-advanced digital signature during purchase of policies across channels – online, POS and through company branches
    • Known for offering full reimbursement of the total eligible amount for claim settlement
    • Discount on premium amount towards add-on riders when policyholders enrol their family members
    • Experienced and skilled call centre executives for assistance
    • Offers the flexibility of switching over from other health insurance company to IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance.

    How to Apply For IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance Plans?

    • Visit the official website of IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance
    • Click on the health plan that you want to purchase
    • Select the ‘Buy New Policy’ button
    • Enter the required details like the sum insured you want to opt for, inception and expiration date, add-on riders you may want to opt for, your name, contact information, etc.
    • The premium amount that you will be eligible for will be displayed on the screen
    • The second stage requires you to enter the necessary information regarding ‘Member Medical History’
    • Complete paying online through any of the available modes of payment – Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking, as per your preference, to successfully complete the application process.

    How Can I File A Reimbursement Claim with IFFCO Tokio?

    You Can File a Reimbursement Claim By Following These Steps:

    • Inform IFFCO Tokio as soon as the policyholder is discharged from the hospital and not later than 7 days after he/she has been discharged
    • Give your Policy Certificate Number
    • The reimbursement claim can be made only after the medical bills have been settled, unless the policyholder had been treated at an authorized hospital of IFFCO Tokio
    • Fill up the claim form and submit it along with the following documents:
      • Certificate and treatment reports from the relevant doctor
      • Medical diagnostic tests, ECG, X-rays, scans, etc.
      • Bills and Prescriptions
      • Advance and final receipts
      • Discharge summary
    • Submit the form and the above documents to your nearest IFFCO Tokio branch address for the company to process your claim
    • You will receive a cheque when the insurer approves your claim

    I Am Young And Healthy. Do I Really Need Health Insurance?

    A comprehensive health insurance policy is a necessity for all. Life is uncertain. Planned medical treatments or unforeseen emergencies may arise anytime. Hence, it is important for all, irrespective of the age, to be financially prepared for such situations well in advance.

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