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10 Best Benefits to Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online

The internet and smartphones have made it extremely easy to buy bike insurance online. Online presence of insurance companies and insurance brokers and aggregators have given the ease of purchasing an insurance policy online to prospective buyers and renewal to existing buyers.

Two wheelers are one of the most preferred travel options for people commuting shorter distance or within the city. However, with convenience also come uncertainties and risks. Riding on roads can often be unsafe too. Therefore, it is always advisable to avail adequate bike insurance. According to the Motor vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory for all vehicles to must have at least a third-party liability cover. Several insurance providers in India offer insurance policies online as well as offline, which covers financial loss arising due to accident and related damages.

Two wheeler insurance offers coverage against liabilities that arise from damages created due to accident, and other risks and perils, depending on the type of policy you buy. In order to buy the cheapest bike insurance policy with adequate coverage, it is crucial to compare policies offered by various insurance providers. This facility is generally available online and can be opted right here on Coverfox Website. Here are some benefits of buying bike insurance online:

Buy online and save time

You can buy two wheeler insurance online and save your valuable time. Gone are the days you had to visit the insurance provider and wait in a queue to buy an insurance policy. With the arrival of the internet, buying an insurance policy is just a matter of a few clicks now. You can buy an insurance policy anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is visit the official website of the insurance provider, browse through the available policies and pay for the one that meets your requirements.

Less paperwork required

As the entire buying process is done via a digital medium, online two wheeler insurance requires less or no paperwork. It requires no photocopies of documents. It is the simplest way of getting your vehicle covered against uncertainties.

You can compare policies online

Online comparison is one of the most significant benefits of buying insurance online where you can buy a policy after comparing it with several other options available. While comparing policies online, you can check some important factors such as incurred claim ratio, coverage offered, premium, etc. Moreover, you will be able to save a considerable amount on premiums after such comparison. You can get an online quotation by approaching an insurance broker or aggregator which also helps you to select the right policy as per your insurance needs.

Buy policy at competitive rates

Buying bike insurance online allows you to get it at affordable rates. The reason being there is no intermediary fee associated with the purchase. Where in case of offline purchase, the insurance companies have to pay a certain amount to the agents, which is ultimately paid from your pocket. On the other hand, when you buy two wheeler insurance online, you get it at a comparatively lower premium as the insurance company saves on overheads and other expenses which are in turn passed on to you.

Ease of policy renewal

Two wheeler insurance plans can be bought and renewed online with relative ease. Many insurance providers also have mobile apps that make it convenient for customers to buy and renew their bike insurance plans. Considering the fact that all the details of your policy are stored in their central database, the renewal process is quite simple and happens very quickly.

Excellent after-sale service

Even after purchasing an insurance policy online, you can avail after-sale service in terms of filing a claim, renewing the policy online, and resolving a complaint.

Online reviews are helpful

When you buy lifestyle and other related products online, you prefer going through the online reviews posted by customers about the quality of the product. Insurance is no exception. When you buy insurance policy online, you can read the reviews posted by the people who have bought the same policy. These online reviews help you to decide whether you should buy a policy or not.

Get to know your policy well

While making an online purchase, you can go through the policy details such as coverage offered, policy inclusions and exclusions, riders, and so on. One of the main reasons for claim rejection is the lack of knowledge of coverage limits and other features. An online purchase will allow you to go through policy details even before buying one and make an informed decision.

Add-ons are available at a single click

When you buy two wheeler insurance online, you can add the optional riders to your policy in a matter of seconds. Moreover, you can also calculate the amount of premium you are going to pay with the help of two wheeler insurance premium calculator. Cover for accessories and spare parts, zero depreciation cover, personal accident cover to protect pillion rider, are some popular covers usually opted by the policyholder. You can buy these riders at a nominal additional fee and enhance the level of protection for your motorbike.

These additional covers come in handy in times of unfortunate events.

Instant purchase

Customers who wished to buy two wheeler insurance online, until recent years, would be given a cover note instead of the policy document itself. They will receive the original policy document after quite a few days as the insurance company would send it to their address at a later date by post. Thanks to quicker banking facilities and advancement in technology, now you can get a digitally signed policy document from the insurer as soon as you make the payment.

Today, one of the most popular methods of buying bike insurance is making an online purchase. This is an easy and convenient way for all who are busy and full-time working individuals and don't have adequate time to visit the company branch or schedule a meeting with insurance agents. Not just buying insurance, you can also make a claim and renew your two wheeler insurance online. With this advancement in technology, it certainly makes sense to make the best use of technology and make our lives easy.

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