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Punjab RTO

Transport Department of Punjab functions under the provisions of section 213 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Transport Department has been basically established for the implementation of the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act,1924 (Amended 1993) and the rules outlined under these two Acts.

The transport department is headed by the state Transport Commissioner and assisted by two additional state transport commissioners.

Functions of the Punjab RTO

1. Registration related work

  • Temporary registration of vehicle
  • Permanent registration of vehicle
  • Renewal of certificate of registration
  • Issuance of duplicate certificate of registration
  • Update registration certificate with changes
  • Issue NOC to transfer registration certificate
  • Transfer of registration certificate
  • Endorsement / Termination of Hire-purchase agreement

2. Driving License

  • Issue learner's driving license
  • Issue permanent driving license
  • Renewal of driving license
  • Adding another class to driving license

3. Issue and renewal of vehicle permits for commercial use

4. Collection of fees and taxes

5. Issue of vehicle fitness certificate

Contact Details of Punjab RTO

Not provided on website

Phone number of State Transport Commissioner: 2702575/2771183

Punjab RTO Codes with Office Locations

RTO LocationsRTO CodeRTO LocationsRTO Code
AmritsarPB-02Rampura PhulPB-40
BathindaPB-03Sultanpur LodhiPB-41
HoshiarpurPB-07Talwandi SaboPB-45
JalandharPB-08Tarn TaranPB-46
SangrurPB-13Jhunir / SardulgarhPB-51
AjnalaPB-14Bassi PathanaPB-52
Anandpur SahibPB-16MukerianPB-54
Baba BakalaPB-17PayalPB-55
BalachaurPB-20Dera Baba NanakPB-58
Fatehgarh SahibPB-23JalalabadPB-61
JagraonPB-25Khadoor SahibPB-63
MalerkotlaPB-28Nihal Singh WalaPB-66
MuktsarPB-30Dhar KalanPB-68
MansaPB-31Bagha PuranaPB-69
NawanshahrPB-32Dera BassiPB-70
NakodarPB-33Chamkaur SahibPB-71
PathankotPB-35Tappa MandiPB-73

Permanent vehicle registration process in Punjab

The Punjab RTO functions as per the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 which makes it mandatory for an individual to register his vehicle with the RTO. On buying a vehicle, the owner of the vehicle has to register his vehicle within 7 days from the date of delivery of the vehicle.

Documents required for registration of vehicle

  • Form 20 i.e. vehicle registration form
  • Form 22 i.e. certificate issued by the manufacturer stating that the vehicle is in compliance with the road safety and pollution standards
  • Valid vehicle insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Invoice of the vehicle to be registered
  • Form 21 i.e. sales certificate to be issued by the manufacturer
  • Custom clearance certificate in case of an imported vehicle
  • Passport size photographs
  • Prescribed taxes to be paid as per the Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act
  • Applicable registration fees
  • Temporary registration number
  • In case of registration of the trailer or semi-trailer vehicle, approval of design certificate issued by the State Transport Commissioner is required to be submitted.

Process for vehicle registration in Punjab

  • Visit the Punjab RTO with the above documents
  • Pay the applicable fees and submit the above documents at the vehicle registration counter
  • On the basis of the verification of the documents, the vehicle is registered and the number is provided to the vehicle owner

Process for Getting Temporary Registration Number in Punjab

On the purchase of a vehicle, it is mandatory for a vehicle owner to obtain a temporary registration number from the car dealer. A temporary registration number is valid only for one month during which the vehicle owner has to obtain a permanent number from the Punjab RTO.

Documents required for temporary registration of motor vehicle in Punjab

  • Form 21 and Form 22
  • PUC and vehicle insurance certificate
  • Applicable fees and tax to be paid as per the provisions of the Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act
  • Custom clearance certificate if the vehicle is an imported one
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Design approval certificate issued by the STA in case of Trailer or Semi-Trailer vehicle

How to get fancy vehicle registration number from Punjab RTO?

Certain numbers are kept aside by the Punjab Transport Department, and people who want to obtain a fancy number for their vehicle, can do so by bidding for the number through an open auction. On payment of the prescribed fee, the highest bidder is allotted the desired vehicle number.

How to do a Re-registration of a vehicle in the state of Punjab?

In case an individual is moving from another state to Punjab, he will have to re-register his vehicle by doing the following:

  • Submission of the above documents
  • Obtain a no objection certificate from the original registering authority.
  • Fill and submit Form 25 instead of Form 20

How to get Vehicle Insurance in Punjab?

You can purchase vehicle insurance in Punjab either online or offline. Obtaining a third party insurance for a vehicle is mandatory as per the law. A third party insurance provides coverage against any damages caused by the owner’s vehicle to a third party. Whereas, a comprehensive vehicle insurance covers damaged caused to the vehicle, the driver as well as the third party.