Royal Enfield Bullet Insurance

The dream bike of almost every Indian, the roar of the engine that clearly embark its presence, yes the Royal Enfield Bullet is one of the ruling bikes in India from over 50 years.

This bike has the longest production run so far .

The company started in 1893 and since then, never looked back. Now, you can see Royal Enfield in more than 50 countries. Royal Enfield is known for its immense power, classic touch and authority on the road.

Variants of Royal Enfield Bullet

VariantBullet 350Bullet 500
Power19.8 hp26.61hp
Torque28 Nm40.9 Nm
Transmission5-Speed Constant Mesh5- Speed Constant Mesh
Acceleration (0-60 kmph)4-5 seconds2-3 seconds
Fuel Economy (kmpl)3525-30

Other Models Manufactured by Royal Enfield


There are four versions of Classic namely Classic 350, Classic 500, Classic Desert Storm and Classic Chrome with 2 engines and 1 transmission option.


There are two versions of Thunderbird namely Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 and Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 with 2 engines and 1 transmission option.

Continental GT

Petrol variant with 535 cc engine and manual transmission.

Why is it Important to Insure your Royal Enfield Bullet

  • Coverage for any damages/losses caused to a third party.

  • Comprehensive coverage for your own two-wheeler.

  • Coverage upto the insured declared value in case of theft or

  • Benefits of cashless transactions through network garages.

Essentials about Royal Enfield Bullet Insurance

Third-party Liability Insurance:
  • Covers bodily injury and /or death of a third party
  • Property damage to a third party
  • Personal Accident cover for owner driver
Comprehensive Insurance
  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Loss and damage to the two-wheeler due to accident, theft, natural calamities, etc.
  • Personal Accident cover for the owner-driver
What two wheeler insurance covers for Your Royal Enfield Bullet
  • Loss or damage caused by natural calamities
  • Total loss because of fire, explosions or an act of terror
  • Total loss because of theft
  • Personal accident cover for owner driver
  • Own-damage cover
  • Third-party liability cover
What two wheeler insurance doesn't cover for your Royal Enfield Bullet
  • Normal Wear and Tear and Electrical or Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Damage to Tyres (unless vehicle also damaged)
  • Driver without a Valid Driving License
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of intoxicants such as liquor or drugs
  • When the two wheeler is used for any illegal purpose
  • Usage outside geographical limits
  • If the vehicle is used for hire or reward, carriage of goods, organized.
FAQs on Royal Enfield Bullet

My Royal Enfield Bike insurance has already expired. Is vehicle inspection mandatory?

Yes it is mandatory- Fix up an appointment for the inspection of your Royal Enfield Bike. Do note; this can invite a nominal fee. If the insurance company chooses to offer you the coverage, you can make the payment and get the policy in hand. However, if you are lucky enough, inspection may not be mandatory.

How does NCB work in case I buy a second-hand bike? Will I get No-Claim Bonus?

As a new owner it's your obligation to get the existing two-wheeler insurance transferred in your name within the specified period from the date of transfer of RC. If you fail to do so and if you require raising a claim, the same will not be honored. For a favorable claim, the title on the RC of the two-wheeler and the insurance documents has to match. Also, please understand that the current owner can carry forward his existing No Claim Bonus (NCB) with him. He can use it to seek the premium discount if he purchases a new bike in future. Likewise, as a new owner, you will have to earn this bonus with each claim-free year. You can win a maximum of 50% discount on your own-damage premium with NCB.

Is an online policy valid?

Yes-an online policy is very much valid. You can also renew your Royal Enfield Bike insurance policy with a debit/credit biked or even through net banking. Although, for expired policies you will have to contact us for an offline renewal process.

Should I opt for a single year insurance plan or a long-term insurance plan?

You should opt for a long-term or multi-year two-wheeler insurance plan for your Royal Enfield Bike to enjoy pure convenience and be completely stress-free. You can save on premiums, eliminates the hassles of yearly renewals, skip the paperwork and avoid the gap in coverage since you are insured for an extended period.

Will I get reminder for policy renewals if I buy from

Yes, you will receive reminders via SMS and email on renewals if you have bought the policy from

How is third-party insurance different from comprehensive two-wheeler insurance?

The third party bike insurance only covers your legal liability for any loss and damages to third party because of your bike. It will not cover you or your bike for any damages suffered.

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