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Why Dodge Trouble With A Lapsed Bike Policy When You Can Smooth Sail Through The Renewal?

Sharanya Kannan Sharanya Kannan 11 December 2015

Think no one will notice the absence of a bike policy? After all there are SO many bikes on the road! So, what are the chances that you are gonna get pulled up, yeah? Read this Coverfox #TrueStory and you will think otherwise.

Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

So recently my cousin’s bike policy expired. I know this because he dodged a cop fearing he might get asked for his papers. But I still had to ask him – did he like living dangerously so? He thought I was joking; said that he hadn’t made any claims the previous year and he felt “what’s the need for an insurance policy that’s not being used!”

While I wanted to beg to differ, I snorted and shut up. He may have got it. But I dare not say more. You don’t mess with cousins, y’know!

But after all that machismo, he met with an accident. He came out unhurt alright, but the same couldn’t be said about his bike. Having saved his penny (Rs.974 to be exact) he met with expense of Rs.10,000 (if not more) which he will have to bear by himself, thanks to #NoPolicy. I wanted to run around holding a banner over my head that said "I told you so", gleefully much. But I obviously didn’t. (Yours truly is a very humble person,thankyouverymuch)

But the story I’m trying to narrate here is very, very obviously simple. You think you don’t need a policy that you don’t use. But when and how exactly would you know when you need it? I see why people view it as a negligible expense when they don’t use a policy over a year and let it expire. But, really! Bike Insurance is THE BEST value-for-money-product! Sadly, one realizes it only after the damage is done.

Now that you are reading this and know how my cousin there ^ felt, you are likely to understand when I say there is nothing to fear about a lapsed policy. You are not going to get worn down by a tedious process to renew it - because there is none!

The usual process of renewing a lapsed policy is agonizing, but not when it’s from Coverfox. You normally need to get your vehicle inspected like the very first time you got the policy and get all those documents in line. Instead, I’m gonna take you to which is built simply to make your life tolerable and convenient. And this true narrative of how I helped my cousin, can help throw some light on how this is easier than Salman Khan getting his Thumps-Up in those ads. #TrueStory

When he got onto the site, my cousin noticed that he was only asked to fill up the basic details of his bike like engine/chassis number and his policy’s expiry date (all of which was available in his lapsed bike policy copy). Before he knew it, he was mighty familiar with the website, had chosen the right policy he wished to and had landed on the payment page. What’s left now – he paid up and he was done! And this was for a lapsed policy, can you believe that?

Now that his policy is done, he began to see what I had been trying to say about a lapsed bike policy – no sweat! No harrowing phone calls to agents, no standing in lines or submitting endless, long-winding forms and documents, and certainly no energy-time-money spent over the renewal! In fact I ticked off the check-list of all the painful procedures he didn’t have to go through and those benefits he now stood to gain from Coverfox (so that I could cash in on how nice I have been to him at some future point):

  1. He found that policy was extremely economical, minus all the operational costs that an agent or a direct dealer would have levied on him.

  2. Paperless transaction - the only paper he was associated with while doing the transaction was the tissue his coffee cup was placed on the table – I know.

  3. No long-winded forms - just his name, registration date and the vehicle details were asked. I can’t think of any other transaction anywhere else that requires information as less as this.

  4. He wouldn’t be missing his renewal date anymore - Same time next year, Coverfox is gonna make sure they remind him well before time and stand-by, helping him renew with that right insurer again!

  5. Number of documents he had to submit to renew his policy, (a lapsed one – don’t forget) – none at all!

  6. Coverfox Customer Service Unit was as dedicated as they could be for a process that was simple enough to begin and end with, that my cousin hardly felt any need for external help at all.

  7. And just as the Service Manager promised, there lay in his inbox within a real time of 5 minutes – the renewed bike policy!

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Well, do you need to hear anymore really? Get that policy you have been dilly-dallying, right away and find your true story, today!!

Sharanya Kannan
Written by Sharanya Kannan
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