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Things Bike Riders Must Keep in Their Riding Kit

Neha Gadoo Neha Gadoo 24 October 2016

Be Smart and Pack Light! As a biker, the most precious thing after your life of course, is your bike and its maintenance.

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You probably have vroomed a lot on your bike, but it’s always good to know the exact Do’s and Don’ts before travelling anywhere. Admit it! You will always forget something very important, every time.

Remember, what you wear while riding your bike, the luggage space and most importantly, the emergency items are some of the essentials that should not skip your mind. Below explained are a few more pointers to keep in mind before kick-starting your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Spare Parts and Tools

Headlight Bulb, Battery fuses, multi-function screwdriver and plier, clutch cable etc. are a few spares that you must carry with you in your tool kit. In case your bike decides to give up on you, you are well-prepared in advance. Make sure you do not leave your home without puncture repair kit.

Small Tip

Go for a crash course to learn how to fix your motorcycle if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere or you can even download videos that illustrates how to fix a flat tire.

First Aid kit

A first aid kit is very important, always keep it handy. You need to be prepared for minor injuries while riding a bike especially if you are on an isolated road and cannot find a way to get to the nearest hospital.

Riding Gear

If you are going for a long journey, make sure that you are wearing a right gear fit. They keep you relaxed with their breathable liners. Ensure you wear sturdy pants (not too baggy), ankle boots and definitely a full face helmet. If you are planning to ride on a highway, ensure you wear nee guards as well.

Documents and Papers

Bike Insurance

It’s a mandatory document that you have to carry with you all the time, throughout your journey. If you don’t have a bike insurance; compare quotes and buy one, it’s easy and quick. Along with the insurance documents, make sure you carry the remaining documents that prove you own the vehicle.

Medical/Health Insurance

Carry a copy of this document to ensure you are taken care of in case of any emergency. Safety Tag: Wear a safety tag or keep a copy of your medical details in your jacket pocket. In case of any mishap, this will help strangers to get your details and offer you medical help if needed.


  • Emergency Cash: A minimum amount of Rs. 10,000 or more if you can should be with you for miscellaneous expenses, fuel expenses and food. It’s usually difficult to find ATMs everywhere. Ensure you keep a lot of cash with you.
  • Hydration Kit: Carry a basic hydration kit that will have all the vital fluids that will keep you hydrated.
  • Sunscreen/Sunglasses: Needless to Say

The road lies ahead and there is a lot to explore! Enjoy the road and let it take you to a whole new world!

So when are you planning to take your motorcycle out for a spin around the globe?

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Neha Gadoo
Written by Neha Gadoo
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