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Two Wheeler Traffic Rules in India

Two Wheeler Traffic Rules in India for DUMMIES

AAre you following the traffic rules and regulations on Indian roads? Do you know that the penalties for traffic violations have been revised? Read ahead to know more.

AThere is something special about bikes? The thrill that you get while riding a two wheeler is something that is unmatched, isn’t it? I am sure all bikers would agree to this.But, are all the riders out there fulfilling their responsibility of safe riding? How many actually have an active two wheeler insurance policy? You ought to know that the penalties laid down by the Central government have just got more stringent than before. You break one traffic rule, you burn a one big fat hole in your pocket. Seriously.

Follow Traffic Rules While Riding, Else Become a Victim

Ignorance Is Not Bliss. Atleast Not Here!

Indian roads witness approximately 400 deaths every day due to road accidents. Nearly, 5 lakh road accidents a year take place where in around 1.5 lakh people die and another 3 lakh get crippled.

Ignorant riders tend to take the law for granted and end up breaking all traffic rules and regulations. They get into trouble with the law. There is no doubt about that. But the more miserable part is that the rider and the driver of the other vehicle end up losing their life or getting injured gravely.

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The Revised Penalties That Have Just Got Stricter

Seeing the rising toll of road accidents each year, the central government decided to crack the whip of traffic violators. The Cabinet recently approved the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016. This road safety bill includes penalties in case of all sorts of traffic violations. The proposals are based on the recommendations of transport ministers from 18 states.

Here are few of the revised penalties for violating traffic rules & regulations:

Violation Existing Fine Proposed fine
Drunken Driving Rs. 2,000 Rs. 10,000
Dangerous Driving (including speaking on cellphone) Rs. 1,000 Rs. 5,000
Overspeeding Rs. 400 Rs. 1,000 for Light motor vehicle Rs. 2,000 for medium motor vehicle
Red light jumping, not wearing helmet Rs. 100 Rs. 1,000 and license scrapped for three months
Driving without license Rs. 500 Rs. 5,000
Driving vehicle without permit Up to Rs. 5,000 Up to Rs. 10,000
Overloading on two wheelers Rs. 100 Rs. 2,000 and license scrapped for three month
Driving without insurance Rs. 100 Rs. 2,000

These penalties are set to bring about road discipline.

Insure, My Friend. Insure!

If at all you use your bike as a means to commute and not as an adrenaline rush, you would still need two wheeler insurance. But, how many riders in India are actually insured? Well, third party motor insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Insurance Act 1988. So, you would be probably assuming that majority of riders are surely zooming the streets with their bikes insured.

Sadly you’re wrong!

This is absolutely shocking:

  • 82% of vehicles in India are privately owned
  • 70% of the auto industry constitutes of two wheelers

And out of this…

Only 75% of bikers ride an uninsured two wheeler!!

Unlike earlier times where buying insurance was really troublesome, today you can easily buy bike insurance online at a great deal.


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An Essential Traffic Rule-Book for Two Wheelers

For all you riders, following these simple rules is the easiest path to safe riding:

Never turn suddenly without signaling. Slow down your vehicle every time you make a turn.

  • Only one pillion rider is allowed: Do NOT ride with more than one pillion rider on your two wheeler.
  • Helmets were invented to be worn: Be it a highway or your local street, helmets are compulsory on the roads. Always wear them.
  • Footpaths are meant for walking. Not biking!: The footpath was created so that humans could walk safely. Please do not ride your bike THERE!
  • Watch out for vehicle signals: nsure you always read the signals that are given by other vehicles. E
  • Pull-over carefully: If you are in the middle of your journey and you need to stop somewhere, always get your bike to the left side of the road and then stop.
  • Want to do some rash-riding? Stay at home!!: Ride for pleasure. Don’t ride to kill or be killed. Ride within the speed limit. You may be in a hurry, but rash-riding is a strict no-no.
  • Use the mirror to view traffic behind you: You can frequently look into the view mirror rather than to look back all the time. It is the best and safest option.

That’s it folks.

  • Why spend on traffic tickets, when you can ride responsibly and safely? Makes sense, doesn’t it?
  • Don’t forget to like & share this guide with your other biker friends.
  • We will soon be coming up with a similar dummy guide for cars as well. Watch this space for more. Stay tuned!

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