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What is Not Included In Your Bike Insurance?

Ojaswi Indap Ojaswi Indap 20 May 2016
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What are the exclusions of your bike insurance policy? In what situations would your insurance not financially protect you? Get a low down of what’s excluded in your policy.

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We all know that the motorbike is a significant mode of transport on the busy and congested Indian roads. However, motorbikes are at a greater risk of accidents than other vehicles. To protect yourself and your bike financially in case of an accident, two wheeler insurance is essential.

Bike insurance covers driving-related damages to you or a third party. The third-party cover is available on a comprehensive policy. However, there are some scenarios where your bike insurance will not protect you.

Let’s run through some of them.

  • Beware of the adrenaline rush. Bike insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by speeding.

  • Are you riding a friend’s bike? Your insurance will not provide for loss or damage caused while riding someone else’s bike.

  • Bike insurance does not foresee value reduction due to usage, wear and tear, servicing or repair.

  • What if you lose your keys or leave them on the bike and your bike is stolen? The policy will not cover the resulting loss or damage.

  • Bike insurance does not cover mechanical or electrical failure.

  • When buying insurance, state the names of all those who might ride the bike. Loss or damage caused by an unauthorised driver will not entitle you to file a claim.

  • Do you have a valid license? Does your friend who just asked for a ride have one? Your plan will not cover loss or damage caused by an invalid license holder or an under-age rider.

  • Loss or damage that results while driving outside India will not be covered.

  • Your addictions could cost you. Bike insurance does not cover you for loss or damage resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Bike insurance does not protect against loss or damage due to radioactive or nuclear-related activities.

  • Any motorcycle accident, loss or injury due to wars, riots or terrorism are not covered.

  • Your failure to maintain your motorbike in road-worthy condition is not included in your bike insurance.

  • If the vehicle is used for purposes other than the permitted use, your claim will be rejected. For example, you should not use your bike for commercial purposes without informing your insurer.

  • Loss or damage to helmets and protective clothing is excluded from bike insurance.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list. The list of exclusions can vary from insurer to insurer. So, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully when choosing your two wheeler insurance plan.

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Ojaswi Indap
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