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Axis Liquid Fund

Axis liquid fund is an open ended mutual fund scheme offered by Axis Mutual Fund. Axis Mutual Fund is the asset management company of Axis Bank. With an average AUM of Rs. 10,222,114.70 lakhs, presence in 100 cities and 41 lakh active investor accounts, Axis Mutual Fund is one of the fastest growing AMCs in India.

Note: All information has been sourced from the official website of Axis Mutual Fund.

What are Liquid Funds?

Liquid funds are debt funds which primarily invest in debt securities with maturities upto 91 days. These securities include treasury bills, certificates of deposits, government securities and other short-term money market instruments.

Axis Liquid Fund is an open-ended debt fund which primarily invests in debt securities such as treasury bills, commercial papers, certificate of deposits and various other money market instruments with short maturities.

Features of Axis Liquid Fund

Following are a few salient features of Axis Liquid Fund

  1. The fund invests in highly rated securities which are secure investment avenues.
  2. The fund carries low risk on investment.
  3. Provides better returns than savings account.
  4. Ideal for generating regular income for short term.

Statistics of Axis Liquid Fund

NameAxis Liquid Fund
Type Open Ended
CategoryDebt: Liquid
Investment ObjectiveTo provide a high level of liquidity with reasonable returns commensurating with low risk through a portfolio of money market and debt securities. However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be achieved.
Suitable for
  • Regular income over short term
  • Investment in debt and money market instruments
  • NAVGrowth/Regular: Rs. 2156.4301 Growth/Direct: Rs. 2166.038 NAV as on Dec 10, 2019
    AUMRs. 30,628 crore (As on Nov 30, 2019)
    Fund House Axis Mutual Fund
    BenchmarkNIFTY Liquid Fund TRI
    Risk Low
    Return Rate 1 Yr6.77%
    Return Rate 3 Yrs6.96%
    Return Rate 5 Yrs7.39%
    Fund ManagerMr. Devang Shah and Mr. Aditya Pagaria
    Entry/Exit LoadNil
    OptionsGrowth and Dividend
    Minimum ApplicationGrowth option: Rs. 500 & multiples of Re. 1 All other options: Rs. 5000 & multiples of Rs. 1
    Tax ImplicationsGains on debt mutual funds held for 36 months or more are treated as long-term capital gains and taxed at the rate of 20% after indexation benefits Returns are taxed at Marginal rate of taxation, if you redeem before 36 months
    Asset AllocationMoney market securities (including Government securities, Treasury Bills, CDs, CPs, repo and cash) with maturity periods less than 91 days - 50% to 100% Debt securities (including securitised debt and floating rate debt securities) with maturity periods less than 91 days - 0 to 50%

    Axis Liquid Fund Performance

    • 1 Year: If Rs. 500.00 invested every month for 1 year, estimated Rs. 6,191.72 with 6.841% annual returns
    • 3 Year: If Rs. 500.00 invested every month for 3 years, estimated Rs. 19,821.78 with 6.532% CAGR returns
    • 5 Year: If Rs. 500.00 invested every month for 3 years, estimated Rs. 35,824.26 with 7.035% CAGR returns

    Top Holdings of Axis Liquid Fund

    CompanyInstrumentCredit Rating1Y Range% Assets
    Reserve Bank of India 91-D 05/12/2019Treasury BillsSOV0.00 - 7.187.18
    Reserve Bank of India 91-D 30/01/2020Treasury BillsSOV0.00 - 4.194.19
    Reserve Bank of India 182-D 30/01/2020Treasury BillsSOV0.00 - 2.672.67
    Reliance Retail Ltd. 83-D 30/01/2020Commercial PaperA1+0.00 - 2.432.43
    Chennai Petroleum Corp. 57-D 31/12/2019Commercial PaperA1+0.00 - 2.282.28
    Reserve Bank of India 91-D 12/12/2019Treasury BillsSOV0.00 - 2.311.83
    9.11% HDFC 2019DebentureAAA0.00 - 1.791.75
    Reserve Bank of India 91-D 26/12/2019Treasury BillsSOV0.00 - 1.731.71
    Aditya Birla Finance 68-D 31/12/2019Commercial PaperA1+0.00 - 1.651.63
    Reliance Jio Infocomm 62-D 02/12/2019Commercial PaperA1+0.00 - 1.631.63

    How to Invest in Axis Liquid Fund?

    You can invest in Axis Liquid Fund from the official website of Axis Mutual Fund. Simply create/register an account, select the fund, add the bank details, and choose the SIP/Lump Sum option along with the initiation date. Once initiated, the investment is successful and the units will be allocated within a few days.

    Documents Required for Axis Liquid Fund

    The following documents are required to buy Axis Liquid Fund

    1. Application Form
    2. KYC details - POI and POA
    3. SIP/Bank Mandate/Auto Debit Application Form