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BOI AXA Mutual Fund

BOI AXA Investment Managers Private Limited, as the name suggests, is the joint venture of Bank of India and AXA Investment Managers, which is part of the AXA Group. In the Financial Protection Industry, the AXA Group is one of the most prominent players. The collaboration between Bank of India and the AXA Group brings together the massive network and experience of BOI in the Indian market and global expertise in the financial management of the AXA Group. Founded on 7th September 1906 by a group of well-known businessmen, the Bank of India was under private ownership until July 1969. It was then that the bank, along with thirteen other leading banks in India, was nationalised.

Now, the bank has over 5000 branches spread across all over India. BOI also has an overseas presence in 22 countries spread over five continents, with 60 offices including five subsidiaries, five representative offices and one joint venture.

On the other hand, AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) was found in 1994. It is an asset management company fully owned and backed by the AXA Group. The AXA Group is a leader when it comes to financial protection services. AXA IM provides investment solutions (local and global) for a wide variety of clients. These range from the AXA Group and its insurance companies, to institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies, corporations, non-profits, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds, as well as distributors, for both wholesale and retail Investment Managers.

One of the world’s leading Asset Management Company, AXA IM, features assets under management (AUM) of Euro 750 billion as recorded on 31st March, 2019. AXA IM has over 2300 employees that operate across 20 countries in Europe, the North and South Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

Bank of India in May 2012 acquired 51 % stakes in Bharti AXA Investment Managers Private Limited (BAIM) and Bharti AXA Trustee Services Private Limited (BATS) companies. Following this, BOI became a partner in of AXA Investment Managers, and their fund was named as BOI AXA Mutual Fund. The BOI AXA mutual fund is headed by Mr Sandeep Dasgupta, who joined the Company in December 2006. In the financial services industry, Mr. Sandeep has over 30 years of experience, covering Asset Management, Investment Banking and Corporate Finance. His team also includes Mr. Arun Prasad as the Deputy CEO and Mr. Alok Singh as the CIO.

Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds offers more benefits for investors as compared to direct market investments. Some of the benefits are as follows.

Professional Management

Fund managers manage Mutual funds; they have immense knowledge and experience in portfolio management. Furthermore, the sole purpose of Fund Managers is to ensure your money grows in the best possible manner.


Mutual funds allow you to invest in a portfolio consisting of various stocks rather than individual stocks. This enables an investor to diversify their portfolio based on their risk aversion. Even when you put in a small amount, you get the exposure to the entire portfolio, which is not possible if you invest directly in the stock market.


The concept of economies of scale suggests that cost reduces with the increase in quantity. Although developed for production costs, it is also applicable in mutual funds. It suggests that while investing in mutual funds, you should invest in diversified stocks and not in an individual stock. Hence, the transaction cost is reduced.


One of the best things about mutual funds is the flexibility it provides the investors. The portfolios managed by the Fund Managers are created based on your needs and wants. Factors which affect the portfolio creation and management are the risk you may be willing to bear, the period of investment and the gains that you may expect from your investment. Fund Managers also keep in account one's priorities and situations changes with time.

As a working professional, if you are looking to save part of your salary, you can choose the systematic investment planning option offered by BOI AXA. This helps you meet your investment goals while generating returns for a better future.


Along with the flexibility of where you want to invest, mutual funds also provide you liquidity which is unavailable in other options, such as Fixed Deposits, Public Provident Fund or Insurance Plans, etc. While some funds liquidate overnight, most others can be liquidated in two or three days.


The net asset values, commonly known as NAVs, are disclosed on all business days. These are calculated by dividing the total value of all the assets in the portfolio minus the liabilities with the number of securities in the portfolio. It is calculated at the end of each market day. Although, you should not consider everyday changes in the NAV value as they would fluctuate based on the performance of the stocks. However, the annual values of NAVs are a good indicator of the overall performance of the fund and should be given importance.

Tax Benefits

Every individual looks for tax rebates and exemptions while investing. This is one reason for the increasing popularity of mutual funds over direct stock investments. While some schemes offer tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. The 80 C section allows an income tax exemption of up to Rs 1.5 lakhs. Furthermore, some other mutual funds also allow tax-free dividends to their investors if the securities have been held for more than a year.


The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the regulating and governing body for all the securities in the stock market. It ensures that no fraudulent activities take place and also protects investors. Furthermore, SEBI also takes actions over customer grievances.

Who Should Invest in BOI AXA Mutual Fund?

There is no minimum investment amount required while investing. You, as an investor, are suggested to read the terms and conditions before making any payments. If you are a first-time investor and do not know about the different kinds of funds, you are advised to visit the nearest BOI AXA branch and meet the Fund Manager to understand which product suits your requirements the best. Support over call through the toll-free numbers is also available. However, the managers would provide better and highly customised guidance for you.

Mutual funds being a flexible investment option, can be moulded according to your need. Different BOI AXA mutual funds have been designed, keeping in mind different requirements. For example, some of you may want long-term growth, whereas others may want liquidity or safety. Furthermore, there are no single-time investments; hence, it is apt to invest in mutual funds. Therefore, it is advised to begin as soon as one starts earning.

List of Funds offered by BOI AXA Mutual Fund

Like other mutual funds, BOI AXA mutual funds are classified based on the risks associated with them as well as the returns generated. They can be broadly classified into equity funds, hybrid funds, and debt funds.

Equity Funds

Popularly known as stock funds, these should be your primary choice if you are willing to take risks to generate high returns. Some equity fund schemes offered by BOI AXA mutual funds are:

  • BOI AXA Large & Mid Cap Equity Fund: This is an open-ended equity scheme. The funds are invested in both large-cap and mid-cap companies. However, this fund is suitable for long-term investments and has high returns. As equities are more volatile compared to any other investment option, the risk associated with them is high. However, it can be mitigated periodically after a long period.
  • BOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund: This is an open-ended equity linked scheme with a lock-in period of three years. Also, it provides tax exemption under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. This is an ELSS scheme. This scheme is suitable if you are looking for long-term capital growth. Almost 80% of the funds will be invested in equity and equity-related securities, whereas the other 20% will be invested in low-risk investments. Always remember that this scheme does not provide any assured or guaranteed returns.
  • BOI AXA Manufacturing and Infrastructure Fund: This is also an open-ended, equity-linked scheme. The funds are invested in equities and other related securities of companies working in manufacturing and infrastructure domain. This is also a long-term plan. This fund is suitable for experienced equity investors who want to invest in specific sectors.

Debt Funds

If you are a risk-averse person, this should be your go-to mutual fund scheme. The returns offered are also in line with other safe investment options such as fixed deposits. Top funds under this scheme are:

  • BOI AXA ULTRA SHORT DURATION FUND: This scheme offers low risk and high liquidity. Through this fund, investments are made in debt and money market securities.
  • BOI AXA Liquid Fund-Retail Plan: This is an open-ended liquid scheme with similar features as other debt fund schemes.
  • BOI AXA Short Term Income Fund: This is an open-ended scheme, which focuses on generating income. It is a short-term debt scheme and is suitable for you if you are looking for an alternative to Fixed Deposits with liquidity and tax efficiency. An ideal investment period for this fund would be between one to three years.

Hybrid Funds

As the name suggests, these funds have the best of both aforementioned funds. This balances the risk and the high capital appreciation of equity investments with the lower risk and more consistent returns provided by debt investments. Some hybrid fund schemes offered by BOI AXA mutual funds are:

  • BOI AXA Arbitrage Fund: This fund generates income through arbitrage opportunities between cash and derivative segments of the equity market and arbitrage opportunities within the derivative segment and by deployment of surplus cash in debt securities and money market instruments.
  • BOI AXA Equity Debt Rebalancer Fund: This fund is an open-ended, dynamic asset allocation fund, which has a disciplined and balanced allocation of funds between equity and debt securities. This fund offers low volatility and aims at generating high long-term returns.
  • BOI AXA Mid & Small Cap Equity and Debt Fund: This fund invests in fixed income securities and equities of mid-cap companies. The primary goal of this scheme is to provide increased capital and income distribution to its investors. This scheme invests between 65-80 % in mid-cap and small-cap equities and the remaining amount in fixed income securities.


It is vital to understand the mutual fund schemes while deciding to invest the money as they are directly related with your monetary goals. BOI AXA mutual funds are managed by well-experienced and knowledgeable Fund Managers who strive to grow your investment. These are also considered a safe investment option unless investing in equity funds, which have a slightly higher risk associated with them. Investing in mutual funds provides more opportunities for investors. With patience, you are assured to get good returns.