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ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund

ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund, formerly known as ICICI Prudential Liquid Plan is an open-ended liquid scheme offered by ICICI Prudential. ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd. is a leading asset management company (AMC) in the country focused on bridging the gap between savings & investments and creating long term wealth for investors through a range of simple and relevant investment solutions.It is promoted by ICICI Bank Limited and Prudential Corporation Holdings Limited. The AMC has witnessed substantial growth in scale; from 2 locations and 6 employees at the inception of the joint venture in 1998, to a current strength of 2062 employees with a reach across over 300 locations reaching out to an investor base of more than 4 million investors (as on June 30, 2019). The company’s growth momentum has been exponential and it has always focused on increasing accessibility for its investors.

This scheme is suitable for investors who are seeking:

  • Short term savings solution
  • A liquid fund that aims to provide reasonable returns commensurate with low risk and providing a high level of liquidity

Note: All information has been sourced from the official website of ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund.

Features of ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund

The features of this fund are:

Investment Objective: The investment objective of this fund is to provide reasonable returns commensurate with low risk and providing a high level of liquidity, through investments made primarily in money market and debt instruments.However, there can be no assurance or guarantee that the investment objective of the Scheme would be achieved. Approximately 80% of the corpus is invested in money market securities, while the balance is placed in high quality debt instruments. The Fund has 94.44% investment in Debt, of which 26.16% in Government securities, and 68.12% in funds invested in very low risk securities.

Statistics of ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund

Type of Scheme Open-ended liquid scheme

  • Investment Objective: Provide reasonable returns commensurate with low risk and providing a high level of liquidity, through investments made primarily in money market and debt instruments

  • Category Debt: Liquid

  • Benchmark Index: CRISIL Liquid

  • Loads: Day at which the investor exits from the scheme from the date of allotment Exit load as a % of redemption proceeds
    • Day 1 :0.0070%
    • Day 2 :0.0065%
    • Day 3 :0.0060%
    • Day 4 :0.0055%
    • Day 5 :0.0050%
    • Day 6 :0.0045%
    • Day 7 :0.0000%

Minimum Redemption Amount is Rs.1 (plus in multiples of Re.1) Entry Load - Not Applicable

  • Minimum Application Amount: Rs.100 (Plus in multiples of Re.1) Min. Additional Investment Re.1 (plus in multiples of Re.1)

  • Plans/Options: ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund-Direct Option Growth Option and Dividend Option with Dividend Payout and Reinvestment, Default Option - Growth

  • Fund Manager: Rahul Goswami and Rohan Maru

  • Risk: Low
  • NAV Growth: Rs. 286.4179
  • Direct: Rs. 287.5798
  • NAV: as on Nov 12, 2019
  • AUM: Rs. 61,402 crore (As on Oct 31, 2019)
  • Expense Ratio: 0.27% (As on Sep 30, 2019)
  • 3 Yr Return Rate: 6.94%
  • 5 Yr Return Rate: 6.94%
  • 10 Yr Return Rate: 7.41%
  • Lock-in Period: NA
  • Taxation: Gains on debt mutual funds held for 36 months or more are treated as long-term capital gains and taxed at the rate of 20% after indexation benefits

ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund Performance

Click here to know about ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund Returns (NAV as on 12th November, 2019)

Top Holdings of ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund

Type of Holdings

Security Type% WeightCategory Average
NCD & Bonds1.17%2.11%

Investment/Portfolio Grades

Security Type% WeightCategory Average
Government Backed26.16%19.03%
Low Risk68.12%64.94%
Moderate Risk0.00%0.00%
High Risk0.00%0.00%
Very High Risk0.00%0.00%

How to Invest in ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund

You can invest in ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund by visiting the official website of ICICI Mutual Fund. You need to register with a login ID and Password. Post registration, simply select the ‘Invest now’ tab and choose ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund option. Enter your basic details along with PAN and select the mode of payment/amount. For SIP, you can select the frequency - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Once you have added your bank details, the amount will automatically get deducted from your account on a date specified by you.

For offline mode, you will have to physically visit any of the ICICI Branches across India.

Documents Required for ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund

The documents required for investing in ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund are:

  1. Duly filled Application Form
  2. Proof of ID
  3. Proof of Address
  4. Bank Account Details - Statement
  5. SIP Mandate Form