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Invesco Mutual Fund

Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited, also known as Invesco Mutual Fund, is the Indian subsidiary of Invesco Limited. This is an international investment management firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Invesco Limited has operations in twenty countries. Invesco Limited started in 1978 as the breakaway of the asset management arm of Citizens and Southern National Bank. As of 2019, Invesco Limited has US$ 954.8 billion in assets under management across the world. The international firm employs around seven thousand people across all divisions.

In India, as of June 2019, the Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited has approximately Rs. 24,635.39 crores in assets under management. This includes the firm’s mutual fund, portfolio management, and offshore advisory services. Invesco Mutual Fund is currently the sixteenth largest asset manager in India. The investment firm has around eight lakh active clients to whom they provide investment management services.

Types of Invesco Mutual Fund

The Invesco Mutual Fund has a wide variety of schemes in which you can invest. Different schemes offered by Invesco Mutual Fund are suitable for different investors catering to their varied requirements. The fund uses different investment strategies for its various schemes.

Equity-Based Schemes

There are a number of equity-focused schemes offered by Invesco Mutual Fund. Equity Mutual Funds are funds which primarily invest in equity shares of various companies. As a rule, equity funds in India must have at least 65% of their asset value in equity or equity-derivatives offered by various listed or unlisted domestic companies. The remainder of the asset value of the mutual fund may be invested in combination in debt markets, money markets, or cash equivalent instruments.

Invesco Mutual Fund has a propriety stock selection methodology for selecting the equity stocks in which to invest. There are approximately ten different schemes offered by Invesco Mutual Funds in this segment. Some of the popular equity schemes offered by the fund are Invesco India Tax Plan, Invesco India Contra Fund, and Invesco India Large-cap Fund.

Debt-Based Schemes

A large number of schemes offered by Invesco Mutual Fund invest primarily in debt-based instruments. Debt-based schemes invest up to all their capital in different debt and money market instruments. These instruments include government bonds or corporate bonds, deposit certificates, collateralised borrowing, and lending obligations as well as commercial papers. These schemes are offered for investment to both institutional as well as retail investors.

Invesco Mutual Fund has a propriety credit appraisal process for evaluating debt for the purpose of investing. The current credit coverage of the fund stands at approximately 251 different companies. Some of the popular debt-related schemes offered by the fund are Invesco India Short Term Fund, Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund, and Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund.

Hybrid Schemes

Invesco Mutual Fund further offers a few hybrid schemes for retail and institutional investors. These hybrid schemes invest in both equity and equity derivatives, as well as debt-instruments and the money markets. If a hybrid scheme invests more heavily in debt-instruments, then it is termed as debt-oriented. Similarly, if a hybrid scheme invests more in equity-instruments, then it is known as equity-oriented. Invesco Mutual Fund offers both equity-oriented and debt-oriented hybrid schemes. Some of the popular hybrid schemes which are offered by Invesco Mutual Fund are Invesco India Equity and Bond Fund, Invesco India Arbitrage Fund, and Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund.

Fund of Funds

A Fund of Funds, as the name suggests, is a fund which does not invest directly in stocks, bonds, and other instruments, but rather invests in another fund as a whole. These type of schemes are also known as multi-manager investments. Fund of Funds generally have a diverse portfolio than other types of funds. A drawback of fund of funds is that the charged management fee is high since, in addition to the management fee of the main fund, the charge includes the management fee of the underlying funds as well.

Invesco Mutual Funds offers three schemes of this type. They are Feeder – Invesco Global Equity Income Fund, Feeder – Invesco Pan European Equity Fund, and Invesco India Gold Fund.

Features of the Invesco Mutual Fund

Bringing Best Practices to the Table

The Invesco Mutual Fund brings global best practices in investment to India. They have dedicated and specialised teams which manage investments. Their teams follow a disciplined approach to investments, which aims to mitigate risks and maximise returns for their investors. They have inculcated risk oversight and various quality controls into their investment process in order to generate sustainable investment strategies.

Minimising Distractions and Investment Centric Culture

The culture of Invesco centres around investment with investment professionals working across the world. They provide their investment teams with the latest investment technology, investment platforms as well as propriety tools in order to aid their efforts at making the best investments. They have offices in India and hire Indian professionals with indigenous knowledge along with administrative platforms which scale their practices. The investment management professionals are provided high-incentives to bolster investment performance and promotes talent.

Adoption of Proven Strategies and Risk Management

They provide each dedicated team with inviolable investment processes and philosophies, which helps each investment team make the right choices, thereby aligning them with the client's needs. The strategies which are adopted by Invesco Mutual Fund are proven through testing across multiple market cycles and under varied geographical and economic conditions.

Hiring and Nurturing the Best Talent

The investment professionals have deep knowledge of the markets which they invest in. The investment strategies which are adopted by their professionals are repeatable and disciplined. All teams are overseen by Chief Investment Officers who are provided with clearly defined accountability standards. They are entrusted with nurturing talent to bolster long-term results.

Accountability and Oversight

They measure performance and assess risk in an effort to outperform the market. They have implemented various risk management controls and processes which are independent of the investment professional. Teams which are directly involved in the investment process need to report their performance which promotes transparency throughout the organisation. Institutionalised oversight through CIOs, executive management, Fund boards, are put in place in order to ensure the quality of investment.

Statistics of Invesco Mutual Fund

You can measure and analyse the performance of various schemes managed by Invesco Mutual Fund through these statistics.

Invesco India Tax Plan (As on July 31st, 2019)

PeriodFundS & P BSE 200 TRINIFTY 50 TRI
One Year-7.37%-3.62%-0.85%
Three Years7.99%9.23%10.17%
Five Years11.09%9.47%8.91%
Seven Years15.93%13.41%12.76%
Ten Years14.31%10.80%10.47%
Twelve Years12.75%9.22%9.06%
Since Inception13.31%10.01%9.85%

Invesco India Contra Fund (As on July 31st, 2019)

PeriodFundS & P BSE 200 TRINIFTY 50 TRI
One Year7.35%5.28%-0.85%
Three Years8.63%9.23%10.17%
Five Years12.53%9.17%8.91%
Seven Years17.26%13.20%12.76%
Ten Years13.77%10.70%10.47%
Twelve Years12.07%8.88%9.06%
Since Inception13.02%10.36%10.28%

Invesco India Growth Opportunities Fund (As on July 31st, 2019)

PeriodFundS & P BSE 250 Large Mid-Cap 65:35 TRINIFTY 50 TRI
One Year-5.26%-7.32%-0.85%
Three Years9.46%-7.32%10.17%
Five Years11.14%10.01%8.91%
Seven Years15.04%13.95%12.76%
Ten Years12.70%11.45%10.47%
Since Inception10.31%9.22%9.62%

Invesco India Liquid Fund (As on July 31st, 2019)

PeriodFundCRISIL Liquid Fund IndexCRISIL 91 Days T Bill Index
One Year7.36%7.61%7.22%
Three Years7.06%7.15%6.70%
Five Years7.61%7.60%7.23%
Seven Years8.05%7.97%7.60%
Ten Years7.86%7.54%6.87%
Twelve Years7.87%7.51%6.56%
Since Inception7.87%7.54%6.55%

Invesco India Short Term Fund (As on July 31st, 2019)

PeriodFundCRISIL Liquid Fund IndexCRISIL 1 Year T-Bill Index
One Year9.03%9.57%8.24%
Three Years6.82%7.53%6.77%
Five Years7.53%8.32%7.31%
Seven Years7.58%8.51%7.22%
Ten Years7.53%7.92%6.47%
Twelve Years7.54%8.03%6.44%
Since Inception7.72%8.15%6.54%

Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund (As on July 31st, 2019)

PeriodFundCRISIL Hybrid 35+65 – Aggressive IndexNIFTY 50 TRI
One Year-2.42%2.08%0.85%
Three Years7.38%9.00%0.85%
Five Years9.11%9.67%8.91%
Seven Years13.29%12.04%12.76%
Ten Years11.55%10.12%10.47%
Since Inception9.29%8.56%7.90%

Invesco India Nifty Exchange Traded Fund (As on July 31st, 2019)

PeriodFundNIFTY 50 TRIS & P BSE Sensex TRI
One Year- 0.93%0.85%0.93%
Three Years10.06%10.17%11.49%
Five Years8.70%8.91%9.09%
Seven Years12.41%12.76%13.30%
Since Inception10.07%10.46%10.83%

Why Invest in Invesco Mutual Fund?

You can consider investing in Invesco Mutual Fund based on a number of factors. The fund managers have vast experience in operating in the investment field. They are focused on the clients and their needs, which they strive to understand well. They offer a comprehensive, product line, which is based on high-conviction, fundamental, and factor investing. Since they have such a vast track-record, they can demonstrate their ability to create portfolios which are in line with the needs of their client’s investment objectives segregated by channel and by region.

Invesco Mutual Fund is purely investment management-based firm. They are focused on investing and do not have any other businesses to support. Over the years, they have built a strong reputation in the investment management field and have demonstrated their capability to deliver. They are an independent organisation and have no ties or vested interest in any other business. They have built the infrastructure and client support platforms, which help you remain focused on investing.

They have hired specialised and dedicated teams for investment which are stable. Each team has vast experience across multiple market cycles. Teams are provided with a disciplined and repeatable investment strategy, which is not based on flukes or excessive risk-taking. The processes of each investment team are subject to risk oversight and management. The investment professionals in each team receive compensation, which is aligned with their performance.

They have good presence in the main markets across the world. They boast strong financials, which can withstand financial lulls in the market and have solid margins. They currently have an employee strength of over seven thousand professionals. Their management teams have a proven track record, which should give you confidence in investing with them.

How to Invest in Invesco Mutual Fund?

You can easily invest any Invesco Mutual Fund scheme online. First, you need to access the website on your browser and then click on 'New Investor.' You will be shown the various products which you can purchase, and then you can generate a successful purchase request. Once you have placed a purchase request, you will be redirected to a payment gateway where you can provide your method of payment and then make your payment. Once the funds have been successfully transferred from your bank account, you will receive a confirmation on your email address which shows your purchase request.

In order to complete the transaction, you will need to send a copy of a cancelled cheque. The cancelled cheque should have your name imprinted on the cheque leaf. If you do not have a cancelled cheque, then you also have the option of sending a bank account statement. Either of these documents is to be sent to this email account: mfservices@invesco.com.

The documents need to be sent within ten days of the generation of the purchase request. In the event they do not receive the documents on time, the subscription amount which you have paid shall be refunded by the company into your bank account.

Documents Required for investing in Invesco Mutual Fund

In order to invest in a scheme offered by Invesco Mutual Fund, you need to provide them with a copy of a cancelled cheque or a bank statement. If you are providing them with the copy of a cancelled cheque, then you should ensure that your name is imprinted on the cheque leaf.

FAQs on Invesco Mutual Fund

Is Invesco Mutual Fund Good?

Yes, Invesco Mutual Fund has a global presence and a proven track record in investment management. They are an experienced firm and have withstood a number of market cycles. It should be kept in mind that all investments are subject to market risk, and no firm can guarantee results.

Who owns Invesco Mutual Fund?

Invesco Mutual Fund is a private limited company which is a subsidiary of Invesco Limited. Invesco Limited is headquartered in the USA and is domiciled in Bermuda.

What is Invesco Contra Fund?

Invesco Contra Fund or Invesco India Contra Fund is a scheme offered by Invesco Mutual Fund. The scheme is an equity mutual fund. In the past years, Invesco Contra Fund has outperformed its peers, logging returns of 16% and 19% in the past three and five-year periods, respectively. Their peers on an average have registered returns of 12% and 15% for the same periods. This is a scheme which focuses on value investing.

How do I cancel Invesco SIP online?

If you want to redeem an investment that you have made with Invesco Mutual Fund, you need to fill an online redemption request. The online redemption request should be for the scheme which you wish to exit from. Once you have successfully redeemed your units at the applicable NAV, you will be transferred the proceeds from the sale through direct bank transfer or by mail of cheque or DD.