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5 Riding Destinations Near Mumbai

5 Riding Destinations Near Mumbai That'll Woo Your Heart

If Mumbai monsoons mean a little more than garma-garam cutting chai and piping hot pakodas for the biker in you, here are some scenic monsoon getaways that'll satisfy your appetite for the adventure.

As the rains bring much-needed relief to the Mumbaikars after a hot and sweaty summer, it won’t be long before you’re tired of the chaos it brings along—endless traffic, overflowing gutters and filth. As this rainy season rings the bell and darkens the sky above, don’t be a couch potato switching TV channels at home. Whether you’re a hardcore motorcyclist or a weekend road warrior, it’s time to step out and explore some of the most fascinating and breathtaking places this monsoon. Believe me, your idea of the season will entirely change as you romance your roaring mean machine at these picturesque locations that simply don a new look during this season!

1. Malshej Ghat

Distance from Mumbai: 154 km

Distance from Pune: 130 km

Best Route from Mumbai: Mumbai →Thane → Murbad → Kasgaon → Malshejghat

Must-Do Activities: Bird Watching at Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, Trek Up to Harishchandragad Fort, Rock Climbing at Ajoba Hill Fort, Cascading Waterfalls, Trekking Trails,

Located amidst the mighty Sahyadri ranges, this hill station is immersed in breathtaking greenery and countless waterfalls during monsoon. The bike ride to Malshej Ghat in itself is soothing with the scenic view of the beautiful valleys and calm lakes. This mountain pass is home to fascinating flora and fauna that attracts the European migratory Flamingos which is a great sight during rains. Also, it’s a fabulous place for outdoor pursuits like trekking, hiking, bird-watching with some excellent resorts nearby to unwind and rejuvenate.

2. Durshet

Distance from Mumbai: 64 km

Distance from Pune: 98 km

Best Route from Mumbai: Mumbai → Panvel → Rasayani → Rees → Madap → Durshet

Must-Do Activities: Jungle Safari, Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayaka, Shri Varad Vinayak, Uddhar Hot Springs, Pali Fort, Water Sports Snuggled in the lap of the majestic Sahyadri Mountain range, Durshet is encompassed with an endless canopy of thick forests. It’s a seamless union of serenity and beauty braided by the shimmering water of Amba River. The wealth of foliage that encircles Durshet offers an exhilarating and stimulating experience. Also on offer are several adventurous activities such as rock climbing, river rafting, and rappelling, apart from trudging and trekking. A divine darshan in the temples, a romantic morning stroll and a gut-wrenching ride of the Ghats makes Durshet a fabulous place for enduring the beauty of nature and divine illumination.

3. Mulshi Dam

Distance from Mumbai: 127 km

Distance from Pune: 50.6 km

Best Route from Mumbai: Mumbai → Navi Mumbai → Panvel → Kumbhivali → Lonavala → Devghar → Pomgaon → Mulshi Dam

Must-Do Activities: Pawana Lake, Korigad Fort, Tamhini Ghats, Tikona Fort, Temghar Dam, Tung Fort, Vinzai Mata Temple, Hazy green hills, few wandering clouds sailing across a sparkling bright sky and a lake with glistening blue water—the classic picture of enchanting charm and beauty that awaits you at Mulshi. A 4–5 hours ride from Mumbai, Mulshi Dam is your ideal weekend getaway to escape Mumbai’s anarchy. The dam constructed on the Mula River is a major electricity generator for Maharashtra. In the peak monsoons, it flows at its best creating a blanket of dark fog in the vicinity making you feel like you're cruising the clouds. An enchanting bike ride to Mulshi in itself is energizing with the region embraced in forest lands and mist.

4. Thoseghar Falls

Distance from Mumbai: 230 km

Distance from Pune: 137 km

Best Route from Mumbai: Mumbai → Pune → Wai → Thoseghar Falls

Must-Do Activities: Thoseghar Falls, Sajjangad Fort, Ram Mandir, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaas Plateau, Paabal Waterfalls If you prefer to spend the weekend riding to a slightly far away destination, Thoseghar Falls is one to consider. Thoseghar Village in Satara is loaded with waterfalls varying from 20 meters to 500 meters in height. The Thoseghar Falls, one of the magnificent waterfalls are at their best in the monsoon with abundant water gushing from the slopes. A quiet and tranquil surrounding with a calm lake and the only noise penetrating through is from the falls. An excellent place for a picnic, a quick swim in the lake or just for gazing at the ebb and flow of water. Peace, it is!

5. Vihigaon Waterfalls

Distance from Mumbai: 115.2 km

Distance from Pune: 220.8 km

Best Route from Mumbai: Mumbai → Thane → Bhiwandi → Aatkoli → Asangaon → Atgaon → Khardi → Kasara → Vihigaon Waterfalls

Must-Do Activities: Waterfall Rappelling, Tribal King’s palace at Jawahar, Igatpuri, Kalsubai - the highest peak in Maharashtra,

6. Bhandardhara Dam

About a 100 km from Mumbai, you can walk straight into the lap of nature—Vihigaon Waterfalls. Encircled by the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, the falls offer a scenic and charming escape from busy life and thrashing rains of Mumbai. Closer to the crowded city of Mumbai and yet secluded amongst the luxuriant greens of the Western Ghats, this location is a little piece of heaven. With a peaceful view, calmness and hypnotizing landscape on offer, this mesmerizing spot is the place to head out in search of adventure and serene natural beauty. Not only does it make for a classic picnic spot, but also extends a platform to try out the coveted waterfall rappelling. Your bike ride is totally worth it considering the magnificent experiences you'll carry back home.

So these are our picks for the five best biking destinations around Mumbai. And here’s a thought! Plan your getaways to all these exotic locations this monsoon and make this a riding season to remember! We’d love to see your pictures and read about the experiences. Happy Riding!

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