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Additional Covers: Adding Value to Your Two Wheeler Insurance

Meeta Sabnis Meeta Sabnis 22 February 2016

Do you ride a two wheeler? Worried that in case of an accident, your two wheeler policy may not offer 100% compensation after for the repair expenses? Does your policy offer personal accident disability coverage for pillion passenger? If not, then you should have a look at these additional cover options available for your two wheeler insurance for maximum coverage.

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Certain additional cover are available with your regular two wheeler insurance comprehensive policy at a little extra rate. With these additional options you can get maximum of your comprehensive policy.

Personal Accident Cover Pillion Passenger

Unlike car accidents, bike accidents are usually fatal for both the rider and the pillion. There are chances of death or some serious injuries to the rider and the co-passenger. Both the rider and passenger carry equal risk in the case of an accident. Thus, with additional cover for personal accident for pillion passenger you can ensure a compensation in case of death of INR 2,00,000 and for partial or permanent disability. This benefit is available at slightly higher premium and is largely beneficial.

Nil or Zero Depreciation Cover

After an accident, it is the bike owner who pays for the depreciation of any part. As in case of bike insurance, here too depreciation occupies a major part of expenses. However, if one wants this expenditure to be covered by the insurance company all you need to do is buy the nil or zero depreciation add-on by paying an extra premium. The Nil or Zero depreciation plan covers repair/replacement costs of rubber, plastic and fiber components of the two wheeler vehicle.


This additional cover would ensure that you are paid for all the electrical and non-electrical accessories of your two wheeler.

Having a two wheeler comprehensive policy is indeed of a greater importance but these additional coverage will ensure that you actually make the most of your two wheeler insurance.

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