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Add-On Covers in Two Wheeler Insurance Policy: Are They Required?

Neha Gadoo Neha Gadoo 02 February 2017

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Third party insurance might be a cheaper option when it comes to insuring your two wheeler but a comprehensive coverage will go a long way. Let’s find out how you can protect your two wheeler in the best possible way.

Are add on covers in two wheeler insurance policy required

Most insurers offer certain add-ons to supplement comprehensive insurance policy to make it more useful and valuable for the buyer. Covers like passenger cover, zero depreciation cover, cover for accessories, etc. are on offer. While these are few of the basic add-ons, there are others that can be availed at additional premium. The additional premium amount depends upon the type of covers chosen. Different add on covers come at different costs.

Below are some of the add-ons that you can buy along with a vanilla two wheeler insurance policy:

Passenger Cover

Unlike car accidents, bike accidents are usually fatal for both the rider and the pillion. There are chances of death or some serious injuries to take place. Both the persons carry equal amounts of risk in the case of an accident. While the rider is covered against death and disability in a vanilla policy, opting for passenger cover will provide accidental cover against full or partial disability of the co-passenger as well.

Nil or Zero Depreciation Cover

In majority of the cases, it is the bike owner who pays for the depreciation and replacement of new spare parts, after an accident. However, if one wants this expenditure to be covered by the insurance company, one needs to buy the Nil or Zero Depreciation add-on by paying an extra premium to avail the benefits of this cover along with the existing insurance plan. The Nil or Zero depreciation plan covers repair/replacement costs of rubber, plastic and fiber components of the two wheeler vehicle.

Medical Cover

Amongst all other requirements and assistances, the medical assistance is of utmost importance at the time of an accident. In most cases, the medical expenses are usually unaffordable. This makes it a prime reason as to why medical cover is essential for your two wheeler’s insurance plan. This is an add-on cover that helps to cover the costs related to a medical treatment caused by the accident.

Accessories Cover

If you are one of those two wheeler owners who like to add fancy electrical and non-electrical accessories to compliment your two wheeler, you better opt for an accessories cover to provide shield against any damage loss to those valuable accessories. All you have to do is provide the value of those accessories at the time of policy purchase and just relax.

In conclusion, considering the unforeseen threat of an accident, add-ons are beneficial to cover the least expected expenses following any accident. Apart from a basic insurance cover, add-ons help you to hand over all likely accidental expenses to the insurer; thus making you stress free and happy to ride always.

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