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How do You Care for Your Motorcycle Spark Plug?

Shilpi Saini Shilpi Saini 13 October 2016

Your bike's spark plug needs to be taken care of more than anything else. Read this short how-to guide to know more.

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Before we begin talking about caring for the Spark Plug of your two wheeler insurance, let’s find out what it is. It is that vital part of your bike which literally provides ‘the spark’ to start your engine. Considering how important it is to your bike, let’s look at a simple process to keep it in good shape.

First, remove the Spark Plug cap, slowly and carefully so as to not damage it. If you are not confident about it, we suggest getting a professional to check it out.

You will need to have a simple Spark Plug spanner that is available in any motor garage/repair centre. Better still invest on getting it checked by someone who knows what they are doing. Most technicians are affordable and thorough.

Grab a clean cloth and gently clean the area around the plug. This will also give you an insight into what the problem was - it most likely is a lump of dirt that is stuck inside.

If you find that the insides of the Spark Plug have turned black it is possibly because of the oil deposits that have collected over the months. You will also tend to find black soot around the tip of the plug, which means that there is something wrong with the way your engine is functioning and your bike might require more attention than you thought.

The best way to clean the Spark Plug is to dip it in either petrol or kerosene. Once you do that, you must take a clean cloth and wipe it thoroughly. Then finally, you must use your spanner to fit it back in place. But remember, you must not screw it in very tightly or it can damage the delicate threading on the plug.

A Spark Plug is the heart of your motorbike and you can get in touch with the professionals at Housejoy to keep it in tip-top shape!

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