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Don't be fooled: How to Avoid Being Sold the Wrong Two Wheeler Insurance

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 05 October 2016

What should you do to ensure you are getting the right two wheeler insurance? Here are ways in which you can prevent getting the wrong two wheeler insurance plan.

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Owing to the traffic and parking issues in the major cities of India, two wheelers are a popular mode of transport. To avoid the inherent risks associated with two wheelers, the law has made two wheeler insurance mandatory in India. Insurance takes care of the costs of maintenance as well. But mis-selling through brokers and agents is an ongoing problem in the insurance sector. Here are a few tips to ensure you are not a victim of this.

Which Plan do you Want to Buy?

Before you meet an insurance agent, be clear about the type of insurance you want. You can choose between a third-party liability policy and comprehensive insurance. The law makes third-party liability insurance compulsory. The advantage of a comprehensive policy is that it covers the costs of damage to a third party and yourself. Know the benefits of each beforehand, so that you make an informed choice when you meet the agent.

How is the Premium Derived?

The agent or salesperson may quote an inflated premium amount based on the target he needs to achieve. Insurance companies provide a proper method for calculating the premium. Ask the agent to explain how the premium amount has been derived. Request a written or printed copy showing the calculations. The premium for your two wheeler is calculated based on certain features of your two wheeler. These include the insured declared value (IDV), the cubic capacity (cc), the bike’s age, and your location. Agents may sell a policy to you by charging a high premium for a very low coverage.

Do No Accept Everything your Agent Offers

Be inquisitive while buying your two wheeler insurance. You would not want to find out months later that your bike insurance does not cover certain things. Do not blindly agree to what your agent is including in the coverage.. He will try to include every possible thing, like add-ons not required, etc. This would increase your premium amount and his commission. There are some things you will want and some you will not. Before handing him a cheque, take the time to analyze your requirement to protect yourself from overpaying.

Read and Understand Policy Document

As the policy document is filled with jargon, many buyers avoid reading it. Agents and Salespersons take advantage of this. To validate the information your agent is providing you, crosscheck with the policy document. Ask him to give you a policy document or download it from the insurer’s website. Glance through it during your discussion. Remember, fooling a well-informed buyer is difficult.

Clarify the Claim Procedure

Ask questions to understand the claim process. To expedite a sale, agents may say that claims are just a call away. Do not accept that. You must know how to file a claim with the insurer directly in his absence, and the documentation required. Once the sale is made, agents can be hard to find and connect with.

Karen Menezes
Written by Karen Menezes
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