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6 Reasons That’ll Make You Fall in Love With Small Cars

Meeta Sabnis Meeta Sabnis 27 July 2016

There are various benefits of owning a small car, making it a smarter choice over larger vehicles like Sedans and SUVs. Let’s explore!

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In today's world, owning a car is no longer a luxury—in fact, it's more of necessity. And when you decide to spend your hard earned money on buying one, you want to ensure it's the best. But, cars don't come cheap. They dig a significant hole in your pocket and the rising fuel prices just add up. Well, this is where a 'small car' wins the battle.

If it’s hard for you to believe that ‘good things come in small packages,' read on. We might just convince you why a small or a compact car might be your best gambit.

1. They’re Not Just ‘Economically-Viable’ Anymore

At one point, oversized SUVs and large sedans meant status and luxury. But, you no longer have to spend big bucks to get similar convenience and comfort today. Take the instance of a small car like Maruti Suzuki Celerio. A 793cc, 2-cylinder diesel engine is its USP. A maximum power output of 47bhp and 125Nm of peak torque ensures safe and sturdy driving.

Such small cars offer other useful features like advanced ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. Likewise, Corner Stability Control and automatic speed sensors prevent emergency wheel lock up. They also offer rear parking sensors for smoother and hassle-free parking.

2. Sound Fuel Economy

The compact cars are fuel-efficient and lighter across the board due to their weight. And as they are small, their engines are also smaller in size. This makes them an attractive choice if you're looking for a good fuel economy.

Likewise, for a mileage more than 23-25 km/liter, small cars are the best. Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Renault Kwid, Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, etc. offer a minimum mileage of 23-25 km/liter.

3. The Fun Factor

A full-size sedan has its own perks. But, it won’t bring a smile on your face when maneuvering it down the busy winding roads. But, small cars like Ford Figo offer lively handling that makes it enjoyable and easy to drive. Chevrolet Beat, Hyundai i10 Grand and Volkswagon Polo are few others that are still fun to drive.

4. They Make Parking a Cakewalk

Anyone who lives in cities like Mumbai will agree how hard it can get to squeeze a big car into a tight parking spot. Since small cars have shorter turning radius, they're easier to drive and parallel park. This makes them an ideal choice for city driving.

5. Easy On Pocket

Small cars not only have a lower base price but also bring about lower maintenance costs over time. Expenses like fuel, repairs, insurance and maintenance depend on the type of car. Hence, smaller cars have lower out-of-pocket costs.

Cars like the Chevrolet Spark, Datsun Go and Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, are just a few that are easier on the pocket. It's like super efficiency at just the right price.

6. Blessing For The New Drivers

If you are a new driver and looking to buy a car, it's quite natural to get tempted by the high-end sedans and SUVs. But, as you are new to the roads, it makes sense in picking a small car. It'll not only be easy on maneuvering but will also offer smooth and dynamic handling. A new driver like you would appreciate such features at least in the initial phase.

I have seen families that own two cars - swanky sedans for family outings and a small car for city driving. If a small car can provide you efficiency and comfort, why opt for a big car adding up to your parking woes? Don’t decide on the type of car you need basis the car your uncle or a friend has. If you want a car that's easy on fuel yet looks fabulous, then buying a small car is the best choice. And if you live in a metro city like Mumbai where parking is a major issue, a compact car is an indisputable choice.

After all, smaller dimensions don’t necessarily require lower expectations!

Meeta Sabnis
Written by Meeta Sabnis
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