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Force Motors Car Insurance

Did you know, that the word Autorikshaw was coined by an Indian Industrialist and freedom fighter? We are talking about Late Sri N K Firodia (Navalmal Kundanmal Firodia). He is the man who gave two paradigms of low cost public transport. Autorikshaw and the Tempo Matador. The Matador was the first diesel, light commercial vehicle in India.

The foundation of FORCE MOTORS was laid by Late Sri N K Firodia. The force motor is now taken care by Abhay Firodia's, son of late Sri N K Firodia. He is now the chairman of FORCE MOTORS, maker of vans, pickup trucks, SUV's and tractors.

Force manufactures different type of vehicles. It is a fully vertically integrated automobile company with expertise in design, development and manufacture of the full spectrum of automotive. It manufactures Agricultural, commercial, and special utility vehicles.

Models of Agricultural Type: Tractor

BALWAN: Force motors introduced its range of tractors in India. It has five models in Balwan namely Balwan 330, Balwan 400, Balwan 450, Balwan 500 and Balwan 550.

ORCHARD: Force came up with other range of tractors with more advanced technology. Orchard has two variants under it, i:e Orchard Mini and Orchard DLX.

Models for Commercial Vehicles

These segments of vehicle are divided into different categories.

  • Light commercial Vehicles (Passenger carrier) – Below is the list of those vehicles
    • Traveller Royale
    • Traveller 26 School bus
    • Traveller Smart CitiBus
    • Traveller Trauma Ambulance, Traveller Multi stretcher ambulance and Traveller Ambulance
    • Traveller 26
    • Traveller 4020 super
    • Traveller 3700 super
    • Traveller School bus 3350, traveler school bus 3700 and traveler school bus 4020
    • Traveller 3350 Super, Traveller 3350 and Traveller 3350 wider body.
    • Traveller 3050 flat roof, traveler 3050, Traveller 3050 super flat roof and traveler 3050 super.
    • Traveller CNG
  • Goods Carrier
    • Traveller Delivery Van and Traveller Delivery van Wider
    • Traveller Shaktiman
  • Multi Utility Vehicles
    • Trax Cruiser
    • Trax Cruiser Deluxe
    • Trax Toofan
    • Trax Toofan Deluxe
    • Trax Ambulance
    • Trax Cruiser Sachool Van
  • Smaller category in goods carrier
    • Kargo King
    • Trax Delivery Van
  • Special Utility Vehicles
    • Ghurka Expedition
    • Ghurka Xplorer

FAQs on Force Motors

My Force Motor's vehicle insurance policy has expired. Do I've to get the vehicle inspection done?

Yes, inspection is required if the policy is expired.

I bought a Force Motor's second-hand vehicle. Will I get a No- Claim Bonus?

Yes, it is possible at the discretion of the insurance company. A NCB (No Claim Bonus Certificate) is mandate in this case.