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Buy Car Insurance Add-on Covers to Save Money Smartly

Car insurance Add-on covers are not necessarily an extra expenditure, but interestingly, it can help you save money at the right time.

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In the process of purchasing car insurance cover, we compare, online and offline, and choose the best policy as per our requirements and premium budget. Due to the boom in the eCommerce sector we are spoilt with choices that we can compare and pick the one that suits the best.

In an effort to choose the best policy with the lowest premium, we often neglect the add-on covers offered to us along with the basic coverage. The insurance Gurus highly recommend going for extensive cover with value-added features to improvise the basic coverage offered by a policy.

A plain vanilla insurance policy will only pay for the direct damages, such as those due to an accident. In fact, such policies, offer a fixed amount or grant part payment if you have to get any spare parts replaced.

Shocked??? Surprised????

Your immediate thought could be to opt for a better policy next time…. But wait, what if we say that by just making some smart choices, you get better coverage to tackle such situations with minimum financial implications.

Below are the add-on covers available along with the basic coverage, at nominal premiums, that will help your car get covered for maximum benefits.

Roadside Assistance

This feature provides you access to basic car breakdown services, in emergencies. It entitles you to get the assistance in situations like running out of fuel, flat tire, battery related technical problems or even if your car meets with an accident. In addition to this, you will also be eligible for free towing, taxi service, assistance in arrangement of emergency accommodation and other utility benefits if stranded in a remote destination. Do inquire if your insurer offers roadside assistance for free or at a certain amount.

Zero Depreciation

One of the most popular add-on feature, 'Zero Depreciation' or 'Bumper to Bumper' in layman's term is a widely sold add-on cover by car insurance companies. With this add-on benefit, the car owners are entitled to receive a full claim on the value of parts that are required to be replaced after an accident. Usually, a Zero Depreciation add-on feature is offered by car insurance companies for a period of first five years from the date of purchase of the car. Indeed, receiving a full claim on any part of the car that has been replaced after an accident, is a win-win situation, isn't it?

Personal Accident Cover

Typically, the car insurance policy covers only the car and sometimes the driver. With this feature, you get a cover up to 2 lakh for death, permanent total disability and partial disabilities if the car meets with an accident while being driven by a friend/relative.

Key Replacement

Yes, you read it right! Ever thought that your car key replacement can also be reimbursed by an insurance company? Well, this add on feature can do it. Some of the insurance companies do compensate you for replacing the ignition key.

Daily cash allowance

This cover essentially pays for the owner’s transportation costs, in case the vehicle stays in a garage for more than 3-4 days for repairs.

Hospital cash

This feature basically entitles for a lump sum amount, depending on the insurance company, per day basis in case the owner is hospitalized following a car accident. It comes with a limit on the amount paid per day and the period of hospitalization, as per the policy terms.

Loss of personal belongings

This feature is helpful if there is a theft or loss of personal belongings such as laptop or electronic equipment from a locked car. An instant intimation is required and you can be reimbursed for up to Rs. 50,000/-.

Engine Protector / Hydrostatic lock cover

This cover comes in handy especially during monsoons or for cars in flood-prone areas. Your car might have an issue if the water enters the engine and that’s when you need such a plan to cover the same which is not otherwise covered in a normal Comprehensive or Zero Depreciation policy. It comes at an added cost but totally worth it.


In a normal car policy, small consumable expenses like, screws, nut and bolts, oils, etc. are not covered and the owner has to bear the costs. As the cost of consumables is much higher in some of the high-end cars, it is advised to purchase a separate cover for the consumables to tackle such expenses.

Invoice Price Cover

An insurance company typically settles the claim on the IDV (Insured Declared Value) which is calculated basis the depreciation of the car. But with this cover, the claim will be settled basis the invoice value and not the IDV. This cover is normally time bound and is available for first 2-3 years depending on the insurance company.

Coverfox Wisdom: Get Cover, Get Going

Some situations are beyond our control and the least we can do is to be prepared. These add-on covers, if chosen smartly, can help you save money. Be aware and secure your car insurance policy for hassle free claim settlement. Call us for more details and assistance in choosing the right plan.

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Aniket Thakker
Written by Aniket Thakker
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