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Does Your Car Need the Engine Protection Add-On?

Automobile insurance has become an integral part of purchasing a car. At times having general insurance coverage might not be adequate and so various add-ons are offered by insurance companies to increase the protection of your valuable asset.

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Even though, opting for add-ons can increase your premium amount, in the long run, it will enable you to save big time. One such add-on coverage is the Engine Protector add-on. Regular comprehensive insurance coverage might not protect this important part of your vehicle, and so, it is ideal to invest in this add-on.

Why protecting your engine is crucial?

The engine of your car is the most expensive part of it and repairing it can be a real costly affair, given the significant labor and material charges. More so, the engine is prone to grave damages in the monsoon season. In India, we always have predominant water logging on our streets, and this can cause damage to the engine and its electronic circuit.

Exclusion of base policy

While this add-on may sound like an icing on the cake during monsoons, please note that the insurance company will not honor your claim if you try starting your car while it is submerged in water. The repeated efforts to trigger the ignition will cause severe damage to the car’s engine and will be considered as a deliberate act of damage.

Also, if your engine was damaged not directly in the accident but in a subsequent event, say an oil leakage, your insurance company wouldn’t pay for the engine repairs.

The role of engine protector add-on

The Engine Protector add-on shields against engine damage due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Leakage of lubricating oil
  2. Damage to gear box
  3. Water ingression
  4. Hydrostatic lock – When you repeatedly try to start a moist engine, it can cause an engine failure

A dedicated engine protector add-on is very beneficial and the best way to make up for massive repair costs of the gearbox, electronic circuits and the engine, which otherwise can turn out to be very costly. So, think wise and invest in this good add-on for a sufficient coverage, especially if you are living in a monsoon-prone city or town.

How does engine protect add-on work?

For a standard hatchback, repair or replacements of engine parts like crankshaft, piston and pins, block assy cylinder and head assy cylinder etc, can cost you a hefty Rs. 1,05,000 or more. This is exclusive of the metal and plastic part costs which could be an additional Rs. 20,000. With just a comprehensive car insurance policy, you’d have to pay the entire engine repair costs and a part of metal and plastic parts.

However, if you You file a claim for engine damage with a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy and Engine Protect Cover , your insurance company settles the entire amount for engine repairs or replacement.

Several companies offer this useful engine protector add-on. Below are some of them:

  • Bajaj Allianz Engine Protector Add-on – It covers the complete repair or replacement of internal parts of the engine, gearbox and the engine as a whole. They also offer to cover the labor cost incurred by you to fix the damaged parts.

  • Bharati Axa Hydrostatic Lock Cover – Avail 5-year protection for repairs and replacement. It covers for ingression of water into the engine that leads to hydrostatic lock. It protects you from extensive repair bills due to waterlogging during monsoon time, that leads to water seepage into the engine and causing severe damage to it

  • Royal Sundaram Engine Protection Add-on – Get extensive 3-year protection of repairs and replacement of the engine, engine parts, gearbox, internal transmission and power steering pump parts. Also covers labor costs and lubricants or consumables cost to undertake repairs

  • ICICI Lombard Hydrostatic Cover – Protects against damage to the engine due to water seepage and is very useful during monsoon season.

  • HDFC Ergo Engine and Gearbox Protector – No more worries of driving your vehicle into water logged areas as this add-on protects against damages to parts of engine or gearbox due to water ingression. Also, avail for repairs to engine or gearbox due to accidents.

Remember that most insurance companies offer this add-on cover for only cars under 5 years of age. One can’t make more than 2 claims in one policy year under this add-on cover.

Be it an accident or water logging during the monsoon period, an engine protection add-on is essential, especially for newer vehicles. Don’t burn a hole in your pocket for costly repairs of your engine or its internal parts.

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Aniket Thakker
Written by Aniket Thakker
He lives off TV shows, movies, junk food, comics and sarcasm. When he is not working as a freelance imaginary friend to other beings like him, he works as VP of Marketing at Coverfox.

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