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Is Online Comparison Really a Key To Savings?

Meeta Sabnis Meeta Sabnis 27 July 2016
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Multiple articles emphasize comparing quotes online before buying the auto insurance. Is it really worth it? Does it really lead to savings? Does it enhance the buyer experience? Let’s find out.

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Buying auto insurance is quite easy and hassle-free these days. And when it leads to significant savings on the premium—it's just a cherry on the cake. Online brokers, like, offer a free and user-friendly platform to compare insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. This gives you an option to research well and evaluate before making the final payment.

Compare Online Before Buying

Back in the good old days, you had to request an agent if you needed premium quotes from an insurance company. And if you wanted to compare them, you had to contact multiple agents. Due to this extremely time-consuming, complicated and tiresome process, most people were reluctant to look for better deals. Luckily, spending hours upon hours talking to agents and providing the same information to each one of them is a matter of the past!

Today, there’s a much better way of comparing quotes from multiple insurers. Online brokers, like, offer a free platform where you have to enter your information and requirements only ONCE.

Then the magic happens!

Our system will use this information to find the right kind of insurance quotes that best suits your needs. Easy, convenient and results in significant savings!

Is It Worth It To Compare Auto Insurance Rates Online?

It takes only about five minutes to complete the form. In return, you will get the most compelling quotes from multiple insurers and SAVE big time. It is a misconception that all auto insurance companies are alike and offer similar benefits. Just like each driver has his/her own distinctive needs, insurers offer varying discounts and benefits at different rates. While one company may offer cheaper quotes for your friend (based on his driving history and requirements), another insurer might offer to you! Your own rates will be determined by your location, the type of car you own, and many other such factors.

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What if I Have Any Questions While Buying Insurance Online?

The greatest argument against online quotes comparison tools is the anxiety induced over needing guidance to choose the right type of insurance. This is true because you might not understand if you should pick only liability insurance, or if you should opt for comprehensive coverage. You also might have concerns about the policy deductible and other benefits that you can be entitled for.

However, along with the free quotes, you also get access to the advisors who can take you through the entire buying process. You always have the choice (and it is recommended) to talk to them before you buy a policy. Requesting quotes does not mean you're compelled to buy. You can take your own time to evaluate them before making a well-informed decision. And even if your current insurance policy has expired, you can buy the new one easily, although it might require an offline handling.

Why Not Compare Quotes Right Away?

It doesn’t take much of an effort to get the car or two wheeler insurance quotes from different insurance companies. By doing so, you’ll surely save on the premium but in the worst case, if you do not save a lot of money, at least you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve already bagged a great deal.

Now that you know how useful online quote comparison is, why run behind insurance agents and unnecessarily pay more? Use these readily available smart tools to your benefit and avail maximum savings on the premium. Happy shopping!

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Meeta Sabnis
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