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Make the Most out of Your Test Drive!

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 22 August 2016
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Planning to take a test drive before putting your cash on a perfect set of wheels? Read ahead to know what you should do to get the best out of your test drive.

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Who doesn’t want to sample new things? Be it a new food product or a cosmetic launched in the market, we love to test a free sample and review it before spending money and purchasing the actual thing.

The same applies to buying a new car. Only here the catch is that you’re going to be spending a hefty amount.

Before parting with your cash, it is always recommended you opt for a test drive just to make sure you get a feel of the car’s efficiency. Besides, it’s the fun-part of the buying process!

In fact, if you plan to buy a second-hand vehicle, then it’s even more important to take it out on the roads, ensuring everything works well.

Recently, my cousin, Alisha, purchased a Datsun GO. But, before settling for this beauty we both spent most of our day taking different car models for a spin.

In my opinion, here are the basics you should keep in mind when you opt for a test drive.

Do Your Homework – Research

Alisha and I browsed the web, in hunt of a suitable dealer. When we finally located one, we decided to pay a visit. When we arrived there, we told the salesperson that we wanted to make an informed purchase and questioned him on the finer details of the vehicle’s features and specifications, which he was more than happy to share.

One thing that I learnt from my experience was to never let any salesperson put pressure on you or hard-sell things. Take your time, choose several vehicles for test drive and then get a first-hand experience of them.

Also, to ensure you have full knowledge about the car, do an online comparison of car insurance quotes and figure out which group does the vehicle fit into. (Note that a more expensive car would fall into a higher car insurance group and likewise an inexpensive car would fall into a lower insurance band. This entirely depends on the car model and engine type).

In this way, you won’t be in for a nasty surprise after you decide to purchase it.

Consider the Car’s Most Essential Qualities

You need to check the vehicle for any drawbacks or defects. Try to figure out if it's apt for your needs.

Being a hands-on mommy, Alisha loves to pamper her little kids and often takes them out to the ice-cream parlor or for picnics. Unfortunately, she missed to get her kids along for the drive test. But, if you live with your family, I would suggest you to get your kids or family along for a test drive to make sure they’re happy in the passenger seat at the back. You would not only get their feedback, but also understand if the car is spacious enough.

Before you set off, see if you’re at ease in the driver’s seat and if it’s easily adjustable. Consider the comfort level be it for a long or short journey. Check if the controls are simple enough to handle and get you around. Make sure the steering wheel, gears, and clutch operate smoothly. Is the vibration of the wheel while steering it annoying or is it a distraction? Think about the other features you would desire be it a reverse sensor that helps you in parking or perhaps power window panes.

Drive Away

In our case, though Alisha was the one purchasing the car, we both decided to test drive, turn-by-turn.

It is always recommended to take your car out on a range of roads at different speeds. Don’t rush. Remember that this drive should help you make a final decision. As you drive keep a note of important things such as: does the noise of the engine bother you? Is the acceleration of the car as smooth as butter? Do you hear a squeaky noise when you hit the brake pedal or does the car stop smoothly when you apply brakes? Is the steering too hard? Was there any technical glitch that you weren’t prepared for?

Fortunately, my test drive was a positive one. The same applied to Alisha. She was thrilled and after some additional researching and consulting with family members, finally purchased the car.

Remember that with thorough research and then a happy test drive experience, you would be confident of your choice of vehicle and can go ahead with the purchase. If you weren’t pleased with the car’s performance, rethink your preferences.

Once you buy your vehicle, be it brand new or second-hand, ensuring your and your car’s safety is a must. Accordingly, you can visit to search and buy the best car insurance plan. :)

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