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Staying with the Same Car Insurance Policy for Years? You Must Read This

Sumit Asrani Sumit Asrani 17 February 2017

Life is complicated and you do not want to add to your troubles by looking for a new motor insurance policy at renewal time. It is so much easier to renew the existing policy. Sadaf, like most of us, was of the same opinion until he started looking for options. Here is what he found.

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Loyalty Does Not Pay

It is easier for your insurance provider to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. So, while you carry on with the same insurance benefits as before, a new customer will get a better deal.

Convenience Brings Comfort

It is very convenient to give the go-ahead to the customer service representative when they call about renewal. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line. The premiums have not changed and that brings comfort. But could the same policy get any cheaper? Sadaf realised that other insurance providers were offering the same benefits but at a much lower cost.

History may Not Repeat Itself

You trust your motor insurance provider for car insurance renewals. After all, the provider offered you the cheapest deal last year. But will you get such a good deal this year as well? The chances are unlikely. Insurance providers commonly use this tactic to keep you from shifting.

Weigh the Burden

You may plan to continue with your existing policy as you are content with the deal you got last year at renewal. But doing so may not be in your best interest. The savings you make when choosing a new provider and policy can go towards paying for the servicing or maintenance of your vehicle. You could even purchase that car accessory you always wanted.

Notice the Clues

While you may have been a loyal customer of your car insurance provider, there is more to consider than the few extras they offer. Have you checked on the annual premium amounts? When you stop shopping for new policies and renew your insurance plan year after year, the insurer might even inflate your premiums on the sly.

Change the Policy

It is simpler to continue with the same insurer because of the ease of paperwork and the option to bargain. But when was the last time you looked through the documents to double-check the deal? Your insurance provider could make slight changes to the cover that you might not even notice. If you do not like some of the clauses, it could be time to change the policy.

Add-On Bonanza

The competition in the insurance market is driving insurance providers to reinvent themselves. As a result, customers can now choose from a range of offers and discounts. If you are not shopping for a new plan, you could be missing out on good deals. Sadaf discovered that renewing his car insurance from another provider fetched him several useful add-ons like windscreen breakdown cover, courtesy car service, and car breakdown rescue service at no extra cost.

If the fear of losing your no-claims bonus (NCB) is keeping you from switching your insurer, you can relax. NCB can be transferred easily to your new policy with a different insurer. Thus, you can easily switch insurance providers if you wish.

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