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Tips to Help You Maintain Your Car Better

Aniket Thakkar Aniket Thakkar 21 February 2017

Your stylish car keeps drawing admiring glances from people, but repairs and servicing cost you a fortune. Here are some tips on how you can better maintain your car and save on costs. These simple checks could save some extra trips to the garage.

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Worn out Tyres

Car tyres have a certain life expectancy but you can extend their life. Keep a check on the tyre pressure to reduce wear and tear. Driving aggressively is also a problem. It is better to go soft on the pedal and rotate your car tyres. It is recommended to swap the front tyres with the back tyres to ensure even wearing out.

A Battered Battery

Not looking after your car battery could cause problems for the car. Make sure to check the car battery terminals for signs of corrosion once a while. Clean any accumulation on the terminals. If you have not driven in a while, the battery could drain out due to lack of use. Turn on the engine and warm up the battery every few days.

No Spark in The Plug

A spark plug emits an electric spark that works the ignition of fuel in a car. Spark plugs nowadays do not need much maintenance but may have to be replaced after a certain time. The spark plugs are located towards the top or the side of your engine. If your car produces a rough sound with heavy vibrations when the engine is on idle, it could be a problem with the spark plug. Replacing the plugs in a timely manner can help you with emission-related problems as well.

The Engine Needs Oil

Engine oil levels can be checked using a dipstick. Check from time to time, for the oil keeps your engine running smoothly. How should you do this? Park your car on level ground and wait for it to cool. Pull out the dipstick, clean it with a cloth, and push it back in. Pull it out again and check the level of oil. If it is between the high and low marks, you do not need to worry. Make sure to use good-quality lubricants that are specified for your car type. Given technological advances, some cars may not need frequent replacing of the oil.

Filter Needs

The air and fuel filters also require maintenance. The air filter ensures that the airflow to the engine is contamination-free. Meanwhile, the fuel filter prevents impurities from clogging the fuel injectors. Depending on the driving conditions in your area, the air filter might need replacement. For example, if the roads where you live are unpaved, you might have to replace the air filter sooner than the recommended time. As fuel filters need safe handling and safe clamping, get a technician to handle both when you take your car for servicing.

Cooling With the Coolant

The coolant reservoir is generally located alongside the engine bay. The green liquid keeps the engine from overheating. The markings on the coolant tank display the level of coolant. It should be checked more often during hot weather, as the coolant tends to dry up quicker. Do not open the radiator cap to check coolant levels if you have just stopped the car. Instead, wait for some time, add coolant and water in a 50–50 ratio to the reservoir. This will flow through to the radiator.

You can always do more to maintain your car. Inspecting, cleaning, and replacing the wheel bearings. U, and using the appropriate grease or lubricant is a cost-effective alternative to hub or spindle replacement.

Furthermore, parking your car in the shade and using the right additives to clean your car can keep your vehicle in good shape.

Aniket Thakkar
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