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Why it is a Must to Buy Insurance for Your Sedan

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 21 February 2017

Why does your insurance policy depend on the type of saloon or sedan? Find out what you need to know while taking car insurance based on your car model.

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Sedan class is one of the most excellent cars than the other models available. This class boasts off classy looks, spacious back trunk, powerful engine, and fantastic inside features. The cost of this class varies according to the car brand, size, features laced and extra accessories provided with it.

There are numerous options available in the market to choose. It is crucial to get such an elegant wagon insured properly so that bad experiences can be handled calmly. Sedan class insurance has many benefits that attract a high number of buyers and it has become almost a mandatory step after you buy a new car.

How Many Types of Sedan or Saloon Cars are There?

Sedan class is catering many varieties in itself. There are bountiful brand options which are manufacturing sedans in huge numbers so as to meet the demand of people. Let us explore the various types of sedans available, which can be covered by car insurance policies:

  • Large or mid-size: These cars can accommodate five people in total and are known for their spacious compartments and trunk. These are all-powerful than small or, hatchbacks class. This is a perfect example of opulence.

  • Full or large size: These are slightly bigger in length than the medium size and can be 4900mm long.

  • Crossover SUV: This sedan has a very particular shape which looks like an old off-roader vehicle or, like some farm car which is huge in looks but has been designed in a way that it carried style with it.

  • MPVs or minivans: These have a van or a mini bus look which can take more than five people maximum of 8 people in total. These are also available in two varieties like small MPV and large MPV. This is very useful for the large families as it offers more seats than regular cars.

Is Sedan Car Insurance Necessary?

The day you buy your luxurious asset; ensure that your insurance agency or, company is ready with all the formalities to insure your asset. Yes, car insurance, especially for sedan and luxurious cars, is necessary due to various reasons such as:

  • The insurance will always prevent you from the significant financial loss that you may face in case any mishap or, an accident happens with your car.

  • Legal troubles are also prevented through such insurance facility attached to your vehicle.

  • Your insurance company will ensure that your wagon is picked from the place of mishap, and immediately sent for repairs through proper settlement procedure.

What is Covered Under Car Insurance?

There are countless companies available in the market which is ready to insure your vehicle. Services offered or covered under car insurance differs from company to company, however, there are things which are common such as:

  • Depreciation waiver cover: You get all the replacement without applying any depreciation on the metal or, plastic parts under the claim of your sedan car. Some companies give unlimited claims while some companies fix these to two or three claims.

  • Full insurance cover: In case, your car is stolen or, gets damage due to natural factors like fire, earthquake, flood, etc then, you get complete 100% claim on your vehicle which means that you will receive full listed price.

  • Deductible cover: Voluntary deductible is a part of the claim that you choose to bear. The higher you choose, the lower will be your premium. Similarly, apart from this, the insurance companies also have a compulsory deductible amount that depends on the engine capacity of your car.

It is mandatory in India to have an auto insurance policy as soon as you buy a car/any vehicle. Often the car dealers will have a tie-up with the insurance companies. You can ask them for the same or even enquire about it individually for the best rates.

Karen Menezes
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