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How to Get Best Insurance Quotes for Your New Car?

Sharanya Kannan Sharanya Kannan 11 September 2017

No more public transportation and begging your siblings for a ride! Your brand new car is going to shine on your driveway, very soon! But are you well prepared to welcome your new car? If you want to protect your beloved, read on!

Car Insurance Quotes Online

After years of being chaperoned by your elder brother, cousins, dad, being bullied by friends to get a ride, today you are finally going to zero-in on your very own brand new set of wheels!

Many opinions, suggestions and mental pictures of yourself in different cars later, you have chosen THE ONE.

But did you think you are all set? Nope, not until your car insurance has been picked. While you got truckload of opinions for the selection of your new car, no one has much to say about the insurance for it.

Count to three and open your eyes because that’s how magically Coverfox can simplify your insurance struggle!

The First And Foremost On Your List Of To-Dos And Not-Dos is this

Never, ever, ever (at the risk of sounding like Arnab Goswami) think that your option of buying insurance is from the dealer from whom you are buying the car. If you thought the dealer was giving you the best policy, you might be in for a surprise.

Dealers roll out insurance on a new car and let you think that they are giving you a discount on that as well. The fact is that, a dealer issued policy is never the economical choice. You should take charge and be the judge of what policy you choose for your car.

Insurance companies find a lot of joy in issuing policies for new cars, even more when you choose this online! They're so happy, they even offer exclusive rates and attractive premium offers online.

You will be surprised to find out that there are quite a handful policies which work out cheaper than the normal ones. Buying online always works out convenient, is time saving and paperless too!

Endorsing Your Policy With Your Profile Details would be as easy as making a Facebook profile for yourself. Just imagine, all those forms, papers and documents that you need to submit if you were taking this policy offline. The thought gives you shudders, doesn’t it?

We know – been there, done that. And that’s why we are telling you that a paperless transaction such as an online policy from, say Coverfox, wouldn’t have you spending more than 5 minutes- to compare, choose your car insurance policy and add-ons and buy.

You could try cooking Maggi meanwhile, come back to your room, buy the policy and go back right on time when your noodles is just about getting ready. It’s as simple as that!

And if you want to change any detail that you may have declared wrongly (we understand you're new to this, it's actually cute!), believe it or not, it takes lesser than that making instant noodles. All you need to do it change it with your click of a mouse and submit a self-declaration form while you do it.

The Plus Side Of Being Able To Choose Your Own Policy is you know what sort of a driver/person you are- a cautious driver, a temperamental person with hidden road rage issues, a party animal who tends to be out late into nights, the procrastinator who will always be late and try to jump signals. Whoever you are, you will know the right add-ons!

Needless to say, it IS a new car and you can choose to be wary of both your driving and Murphy’s law when you choose the Zero Dep add-on. For all the small scratches and the dents that may happen it will save that extra share of money from your pocket, every time you claim.

The society does mix-up a lot of young drivers meeting with accidents to be drunk-and-drive cases. We firmly believe that such stereotyping and the alleged drinking and driving are NOT COOL!

What If Your Car Broke Down and being the first-timer that you are, you have no clue how to handle the emergency. Of course, you can scream red, black and blue at all those passers-by staring endlessly at a broken down car. Your car is hardly few months old, what would they know about how you hurt.

And Having Made Quite A Few Claims, What Do You Do when at the time of renewal, your company decides to load your current premium?

They have very evidently judged you to be the happy-go-lucky person who has claimed more than twice in your very first year. And some companies want to beat you to being cautious; so they increase your premium. Yes, unfair world that it is, we can tell you what you should do. Move on!

If your company chooses to assess you with your claim history and load your premium, there will always be some company which will accept and understand you and your policy better. And they are likely to charge lesser than what you would have had to pay, back at your old insurance company.

We wouldn’t normally encourage such a rash-minded decision but you are a new driver with a new car and it’s only fair that you get your share of chances before you turn into a super-cool, cautious Fred Flintstone kinda driver.

The Best Part About Buying From Us or anywhere online would be at the time of renewals. Since your profile already exists with the portal, you simply don’t have to head-trip yourself over filling out your details all over again. They are already present and saved and it would feel as simple as dropping a mail to someone.

We, at Coverfox, go a step further and send you short and sweet timely reminders when it’s time so that you will never forget to renew if your policy is lapsing.

Just for the record, we love new car owners too. We do our own fist-bumps and hula dances in our cubicles when we get to sort out confused newbies with clean and clear policies. So, if you were ever to get clueless on your new policy and how to manage it, we're here for you!

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