Kalyan Jewellers Gold Schemes

Kalyan Jewellers are one of oldest business enterprises in India. The family legacy of Kalyan Jewellers spans more than a century in operation. Founded with the noble intention of building and sustainability of the pre-independent India, the founders of Kalyan believe in largely ethical, highly honest and reliable operational practices. The enterprise has diversified into jewellery retailing since 1993. Since then they have opened 135 showrooms that span across the country and world.

Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme Details

The Dhanvarsha gold scheme offered by Kalyan Jewellers is a largely flexible scheme that allows the clients to join anytime. The scheme has no registration charges and buy gold via advanced payments.

Enrolment can be done for the scheme by simply approaching any Kalyan Jewellers store or by online application. Maximum scheme duration stands at 12 months. This gold scheme can be closed by making a purchase of the gold selected.. The scheme demands that people choose the dimensions and features of the product at the onset when joining the policy.

The Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme policy allows the customers to modify their selection on the 8th of every month. After completion of a year, you may visit any nearest Kalyan Jewellers showroom to buy a product in case you haven’t done under the selection. . Instalments have to be monthly and should be made every 30 days. Monthly instalment’s value under the gold booking policy goes from INR 500 to INR 40,000 as per the product selected at the beginning of the policy.

  • Some of the features of the Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme are mentioned below:
    • There is an extra charge on delivery for people who wish to take this scheme online.
    • Other taxes such as sales tax also has to be paid.
    • When the ornament of your selection differs in weight by up to 10%, you become eligible for paying the extra money as per the actual weight of the ornament.
    • Holders of the Gold card get zero points for scheme enrolment.
  • Eligibility Criteria for Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme All of the Indian residents – such as, – Individuals – Trust – HUFs – Financial Institutes – Universities

Are all eligible for SGB investment. Investments on behalf minors are eligible.

  • It is important that payments are done on time. Upon failing to make payments within the stipulated time, there is a 0.25% increment in the charges.
  • When you want to close the policy before completion, Kalyan Jewellers have a system whereby you can purchase a product from their collection.
  • When the ornament remains uncollected within 20 days post scheme completion, the sale is registered by the jeweller and the ornament is saved aside for you.
  • If you default the last instalment’s payment, the policy gets cancelled and the investment is returned through a demand draft towards the address registered via the registered post.
  • Cash refund is not allowed and most disputes arising are dealt under Thrissur, Kerala jurisdiction.
  • Benefits of Kalyan Jewellers Gold Schemes – The schemes are accessible for a large array of people since basic amount for the for the policy starts at INR500/month. – The procedure is simple and fast. – Folk who wish to purchase gold for their kinds and weddings, the scheme is largely fruitful. – One is not required to spend large amounts at once.
  • Documents required for Kalyan Jewellers Gold Scheme : To enrol and get benefits, all you need to submit is a copy of the below.
    • PAN card
    • Passport
    • Driving License Original identity proof is required at the time of closure of the same person who had purchased the scheme.
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FAQs On Kalyan Jewellers Gold Schemes

What is KJG Dhanvarsha scheme?

Kalyan Jewellers Dhanvarsha scheme is an open policy that offers great returns on gold investments. You can enrol anytime for this scheme by visiting any Kalyan Jewellers outlet. Operating in a transparent way, the company is ensuring that people receive the best deals on gold in all scenarios.

What tax benefits come from schemes under Kalyan Jewellers Gold Schemes?

The taxation depends on the investment, hence consult a tax advisor for the same.

Can I invest INR10,000 in Kalyan Dhanvarsha scheme?

Yes. You may invest INR10,000 in this scheme and get the best market returns.

Can I invest to accumulate 50GMS of gold under KJGS?

Yes. Kalyan Jewellers offer highly effective returns and accumulation investments.