Malabar Gold Scheme

Malabar gold schemes is one of the most popular gold policies in the country. Malabar gold and diamond operates as a sub interest of the Malabar Companies cluster, a trusted jewel brand that offers its clients a huge variety in choice and design. With around 150 showrooms spread across the country, the Malabar Gold & Diamonds company is popular for giving customers the best in jewellery when it comes to quality and design.

MGD are the most popular jewellers in the country when it comes to gold schemes. The company takes pride in its capability of delivering the best when it comes to quality and assurance of BIS Hallmarked 916 Gold, Platinum only. So that its PGI certified diamond jewellery with IGI is hallmarked.

Accountability is quite sound because the products have transparency and pricing details on them besides other required details such as the weight of the stone, gross weight, net weight, stone charge and making charge. Various other services such as zero maintenance and free insurance annually is a good sign.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds Smart Buy Scheme

An amazing option for clients who want to save when purchasing the favourite products, with the smart buy scheme ensures attractive discounts to people placing design orders.

Features and Benefits

In order to avail the Smart Buy Scheme, it is necessary for the clients to plan their prerequisites well in advance and also pay in advance. Only post fulfilling this condition, the jewellery under this scheme can be delivered on the said date. The option is available upon select products as Necklace, Tanmaniya, Nose pin and Pendant which are of constant size. Options such as chain, ring, will need customization to be received via smart buy and customize system combined.


  • Procedure for ‘In stock’ purchase
    • Choose the option ‘Smart Buy’. If you do not select this option, the product’s price and delivery duration are displayed.
    • After you have chosen this action, there is a detectable variance in the product’s price, delivery date and the availability status.

Procedure for ‘Out of stock’ purchase

  • Via this option, customers may buy items which are out of stock and are manufactured on request for them. People need to check the option named ‘Smart Buy’ to process their order.
  • Clients need to note that the price stated is not final and may come from the weight of the final output. Clients will be informed by the client service team about the same. Products under smart buy plus customize Option
    • How to order from ‘In stock’ catalogue ?
  • Products such as bangles, rings, chains and bracelets need to be tailor-made as per the size requirement. In the situation where the customer wants to avail the same products in varied sizes they may go for the ‘Smart Buy plus Customize’ choice. ‘No extra tax’ is the added advantage of this scheme.
  • How to order from ‘Out of Stock’ catalogue
    • A client could be incentivised by a largely elegant bracelet which is out of supply. Under the ‘smart buy’ scheme, one can buy the bracelet which is out of stock by clicking the ‘Smart buy plus customize’ option to get the product at a discount.
  • Terms and Conditions
    • The 2 weeks return policy is not eligible on the option stated above. When customers are unsatisfied with the product, they may return it to any of the MGD store or to online carriers at very nominal prices.
    • There might be small variations in the prices between the final product and amount paid when making order.
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FAQs On Malabar Gold Scheme

What tax benefits comes from Malabar Gold & Diamonds Smart Buy Scheme?

The taxation benefits arising out of the Malabar Gold & Diamonds Smart Buy Scheme policy depends on the investment done, and therefore consultancy with a tax advisor is necessary for the same.

Can I invest Rs. 5,000 in Gold & Diamonds Smart Buy Scheme?

Yes. You may invest Rs. 5,000 in this scheme and get the best returns.

Can I invest to accumulate 100GMS of gold under Gold & Diamonds Smart Buy Scheme?

Yes, you can invest to accumulate 100GMS of gold under this scheme. Malabar Gold Scheme offers highly effective returns and accumulation investments.

Can I exchange the gold accumulated for designer jewellery?

Yes. Malabar Gold Scheme believes in providing its consumers versatility in what they trade for accumulated value.