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India's Upcoming Electric Two Wheeler

After setting up the aim of getting 'all-electric' by the Indian Government, many automobile companies and start-ups realised the potential for the market of an electric bike in India. Let's read more about the upcoming electric bikes in India.

As India embraces a pollution-free mode of transport, electric vehicles are sure to help bring the excessive pollution levels in the metro cities down. Automobile companies have taken note of this and are getting ready to launch their electric vehicle, also called an e-bike or e-scooter offerings in the country.

A major portion of these electric vehicles is the two wheelers which are finding increased adoption in the country, thanks to their minimal refuelling prices as compared to those running in petrol. If you would like to join the trend and are planning to buy the perfect electric scooter, here is a list of upcoming electric two wheelers in India in the year 2020.

Bajaj Chetak

  • Bajaj has uncovered the most anticipated electric scooter in India. It has been unveiled under Bajaj’s new e-vehicle vertical named Urbanite. The e-scooter comes with a price tag of over Rs. 1 lakh and will be available in two different variants named Urbane and Premium. The Premium version of the scooter will be available at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1.5 lakh and the company is planning to launch it Bengaluru and Pune initially.
  • The New Bajaj Chetak comes with 3kWh battery that can be charged in five hours and with a shelf life of 70,000 km. The scooter will also come with an in-built battery charger and will support a 5-amp house power outlet.

Ather 450X

  • Ather Energy, a Bengaluru based start-up, has recently announced the launch of its latest e-scooter, named Ather 450X in India. Ather 450X is a premium version of the existing scooter Ather 450.
  • The Ather 450X has been priced at Rs. 99,000, and the buyer also has an option to go for a monthly subscription plan. The company has announced two subscription plans – Plus and Pro. The Plus plan is priced at Rs. 1699 per month whereas the Pro plan is priced at Rs. 1,999 per month.

TVS iQube

  • TVS Motors, the second-largest scooter manufacturer in India, has also entered the e-scooter segment with the launch of the iQube Electric. The scooter is equipped with a 4.4 kW electric motor to provide elevated power and efficiency without transmission loss. It has the highest speed of 78 kmph, and the battery provides a range of 75 km on Eco mode. The scooter can be fully charged in five hours.
  • TVS iQube comes with SmaartXconnect and Q-park assist. It is priced at Rs. 1.5 lakh and is currently launched and available in Karnataka. Vespa Elettrica
  • The Vespa Elettrica is a premium e-scooter that was presented at the Auto Expo 2020. Piaggio, the manufacturer of Vespa, has not launched the e-scooter in India yet – However, said that it plans to do so, soon.

  • The Vespa is similar to Bajaj Chetak in terms of features and design. It is powered by 4kW motor and has two riding modes – Eco and Power. The Vespa Elettrica can be fully charged in four hours as the company says and will give a range of up to 100 km.

Hero AE-29

  • The Hero AE-29 was also showcased during the Auto Expo 2020. The scooter has a top speed of 55 kmph and can be fully charged in four hours. As the company claims, the scooter will have a range of 80 km on a single charge. It is the first IoT-enabled scooter. It has features like an anti-theft smart lock, reverse assist, walk assist and mobile charger.

  • Usually referred to as an e-bike or e-scooter, electric two-wheelers are costly as compared to regular bikes and involves certain risk elements due to its limitations. Few insurance companies offer coverage for e-bikes. Therefore, if you are planning to buy e-scooter, you can analyse and choose the best two wheeler insurance policy that meets your requirements.

Two wheeler insurance for e-bikes

In India, the rate of risks associated with electric bikes is limited as they come with comparatively controlled speed as against motorbikes do. However, it is important to get your e-bike insured against several damages and losses that may occur to the bike due to a variety of incidents.

Why is Two Wheeler Insurance Crucial for e-bikes

A large number of people in our country do not consider two wheeler insurance Policy important as they hardly get to use the same. While in reality, they can never predict how and when a tragedy may strike them. Such incidents may result in damages or loss to the vehicle or physical injuries. In the absence of two wheeler insurance, all such losses and damages are covered. These expenses can sometimes go high. An e-bike insurance plan will protect you against all such risks and perils. Moreover, a third-party two-wheeler insurance plan is mandatory as per the Motor vehicles Act, 1988.

Since e-bikes have not seen mass adoption yet, an e-bike is insured the same way as a regular motorbike. Many insurance companies in India are offering a two wheeler insurance plan; however, it is important to note that they may come with limited coverage. Some insurance providers even do not offer an insurance plan for e-bikes because they do not require registration. Therefore, it is essential to analyse the available options and select the plan that offers you the optimum coverage at minimum cost.

E-bike insurance is affordable

In a country like India, where electric bikes are yet to become popular, most available e-bikes do not go beyond the speed of 60kmph. This makes them viable for city commute where you may not need to go fast due to heavy traffic. Due to lower risk, e-bike insurance should be cheaper as compared to motorbikes. You may also customise your two wheeler insurance policy based on your specific requirements. A comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy will provide coverage against a variety of risks such as damages and losses caused due to crash, fire, theft, or other manmade and natural calamities.

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