Abarth Car

Abarth which originated in the year 1949 is owned by FCA Italy which is subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The brand name was originated after founder's name Carlos Abarth. The company headquarters is in Turin, Italy. The company specialises in making racing and passenger cars.

In July 1971, Carlo Abarth had sold the company to Fiat. In the year 2007, Abarth was re-launched as an independent entity and was renamed Abarth & C.S.p.A with the launch of Abarth Grande Punto and Abarth Grande Punto S2000.

Abarth was introduced in the year 2013 by Fiat India. Abarth India offers Abarth Punto which can be purchased from Fiat India showrooms across India.

Abarth India has a total of 157 dealerships which are spread across 94 cities in India.

Car Manufactured by Abarth India

Abarth Punto: Fiat launched Abarth Punto for the Indian market with a powerful engine and good styling to attract the enthusiasts and give a tough competition to its rivals. The Abarth Punto is much more powerful and stylist version of the standard Punto Evo hatchback.

FAQs on Abarth

My Abarth car insurance policy has already expired. Is a vehicle inspection mandatory?

Yes, an inspection will be required to renew your policy if it has been expired. When you purchase a policy from Coverfox you get reminders to renew your car insurance so you don’t miss out on the renewal.

How is third-party car insurance different from comprehensive car insurance?

The third party car insurance will only cover your legal liability for any loss and damages to the third party because of your car. It will not cover you or your car for any damages suffered. Third party insurance is the minimum requirement to have your car legally running on Indian roads.

Whereas, a comprehensive car insurance will cover your car from instances of theft, fire and vandalism. It will also protect your car against damage from natural disasters such as cyclone, floods, earthquakes, riots. A detail list of what perils are covered can be viewed in the car insurance policy document. Ensure you go through the list to understand the coverage being offered. Along with this, it also covers legal liability arising due to personal (bodily) or property damages caused to any third party by your car.

I bought a second-hand Abarth car. Will I get No-Claim Bonus (NCB) on renewal?

Yes, as NCB is applicable for the owner-driver and not on the car. For instance, if you already have a car insurance policy and you have not put any claims in the previous year or years, at the time of renewal you can avail applicable NCB.

Is the car insurance policy valid if I buy it online for my Abarth car?

Yes, an online car insurance policy is as valid as you buy offline. Buying online is just a contemporary channel that most insurance companies are adopting due to multiple benefits as detailed below

  • Convenience of use and no paperwork
  • Lower cost of premiums due to no agent fees
  • Instant policy issued in minutes
  • Reminder for policy renewal

What if I forget my renewal date? Will I get any reminder for policy renewals if I buy from

If you buy car insurance policy from, you will get timely reminders via SMS and email so you don't miss out on the renewal date.