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Cover for Car Accessories

It is commonly seen that many people believe that their car insurance covers everything in their vehicle, but sadly that is not the truth. If someone breaks into your car, your car insurance will cover the damage to the vehicle, but it will not cover the stolen items from your car. This is where cover for car accessories steps in. While purchasing your basic car insurance policy, you can also get a range of add-on options, giving you additional coverage such as accessories cover. Thus, you will have to buy this car insurance add-on for your accessories because comprehensive car insurance does not cover your expensive car accessories.

Types of Car Accessories

The car accessories are divided into two categories electrical and non-electrical:

  • Electrical: Under the electrical accessories comes air conditioners (if not the standard variety), music or stereo system, fog lights and so on.
  • Non-Electrical: Non-electrical accessories include seat covers or any other internal fittings of the car.


Aman has bought a new car and has installed additional accessories like a new music system, seat covers and fog lights. In a few days, a thief breaks into his car and steals his expensive accessories. Aman is devastated because his car insurance does not cover his stolen accessories, now he has to pay for all that from his pocket.

In this case, had he bought a car accessories add-on cover while buying his comprehensive car insurance policy it would have compensated for the loss of the stolen items. Thus, adding car accessories cover will save you from a major expense if any such event occurs.