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United India Car Insurance

About United India Car Insurance

United India Car Insurance is one of the oldest car insurance providers of India. With more than 1340 offices across PAN India, United India Car Insurance offers one of the most extensive car insurance policies and solutions ranging from car, fire, health, motor, marine, industrial, micro, credit, etc.

In this article, we will cover the various car insurance services offered by United India Car Insurance.

Key Features of United India Car Insurance

  • The insurer provides comprehensive insurance policies and plans for commercial as well as private vehicles excluding motor vehicles which run on rails.

  • Option to renew your policy online instantly.

  • Buying or renewing car insurance online is simple, convenient, time saving, hassle-free and completely paperless.

  • Flexibility to select and purchase multiple plans.

  • Provides an extensive base of cashless garages across India.

  • Comes in two variants - Liability only plan and Package Plan.

  • Applicable to owners of motorcar financiers and lessee who seek motor car insurance.

  • The Package Plan provides coverage for Personal Accident Cover, other damages and Third Party Liability in case of an accident.

  • Entitled to a host of discounts and No Claim Bonuses (NCB) under Unite India Car Insurance Plans.

United India Car Insurance Coverage

  1. Provides Third Party property damage Cover up to ₹7,00,000.

  2. Comes with a Personal Accidental Cover up to sum assured.

  3. Own damage Cover: 50% of cost incurred in replacement.

Key Benefits of United India Car Insurance

This policy provides cover against:

  • Provides cover against lightning strikes, fire or self-ignition.
  • Theft, burglary, robbery or house breaking.
  • Any form of Terrorist Activity.
  • Malicious damage and riot strikes.
  • Natural disasters such as flood, cyclone, inundation and earthquake.
  • Work slide and landslide.
  • In transit damage via road, air or railways.
  • Cost of immediate reasonable.
  • Workshop/Garage related expenses.
  • Any expenses arise out of an accident and is covered on payment of additional premium.

Expenses for replacement of car parts subjected to deduction of depreciation:

  1. Fiberglass Components - 30% of Depreciation.
  2. For all glass parts - Nil
  3. For rubber, nylon, plastic parts, tyres, tubes, batteries - 50% of Depreciation.

Personal Accident Cover for Owner/Driver

Under this feature, United India Car Insurance will provide complete cover to the owner/driver of the vehicle in case of death of bodily damage within 6 months of the accident. The compensation is listed below:

  1. Death - 100%

  2. Loss of both limbs/Eyes OR Loss of a single limp/Eye - 100%

  3. Loss of one limp/sight of one eye - 50%

  4. Permanent Total Disabilities - 100%

Eligibility of United India Car Insurance

  1. Private motors cars and commercial motor cars.

  2. Owners of the vehicle Financiers or Lessee who have insurable interest in a motor vehicle.

Add-on features of United India Car Insurance

  • All add-on features come at a cost of extra premium.

  • Cover outside India at Rs. 500 per car. Countries included are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

  • Personal Accidental Cover for members/unnamed employees and occupants of the vehicle during the time of the accident.

  • Covers 4% on the cost of Imported or non-factory fitted electrical/electronic accessories.

  • Covers 4% on cost of the CNG-LPG kit.

  • Coves @ Rs.50 above own-damage premium for fuel tanks made out of fiberglass.

Discounts offered by United India Car Insurance

NCB or No Claim Bonus - If you don’t make a claim within a particular policy year or more, you will be entitled to NCB upon renewal. The percentage of bonus is with respect to own damage premium.

20%1 yrs
25%2 yrs
35%3 yrs
45%4 yrs
50%5 yrs

ARAI-approved anti-theft devices: 2.5% discount or Rs.200, whichever is less.

Associations and Memberships: 5% discount or Rs.200, whichever is less.

Usage of vehicle within the insured’s premises: 33% discount on tariff rates.

Vintage/Classic Cars: 25% discount for cars produced before 21.12.1940, recognized by the Vintage and Classic Cars Club of India.

Special Cars: 50% discount for use by the differently-abled.

Exclusions of United India Car Insurance

For the Package as well as Liability Only Plan:

  1. Damages arising out of contractual liability.
  2. Drunk Driving or Driving under the influence of alcohol.
  3. Incidents of war.
  4. General depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical and electrical breakdown.
  5. Driving under the influence of drugs or other intoxicants.
  6. Damage claims arising out of the covered geographical location.
  7. Damages arising out of over limitations of car usage.
  8. Accidents arising out of neglectful driving or driving without a valid license.

United India Car Insurance Customer Care

With respect to any issue, you can contact United India Car Insurance at the customer care toll free number at 1800 425 33333 throughout Mon-Fri. The number of the head office is 91-044-28520161 while the official grievance redressal email id is

As an alternative, you can also visit the official website of United India Insurance and enter your policy number and issuing city. Post submission, you will get your policy details and KYC. You can also check the closest branch to your locality from the website.

Claim Process of United India Car Insurance

In case of an accident or loss, you can follow the mentioned steps in order to make a claim.

  1. First things first, you need to contact the branch where the policy was issued. If the accident occurred elsewhere, contact the nearest branch of United India Car Insurance. Post contact, the insurance company will seek a survey of you damaged vehicle.

  2. In case of major damage, you can let the car be stationery at the site of accident til the inspector comes for surveying.

  3. In case of injuries to any third party, inform the nearest police station or traffic police. You are also required to inform the insurer about the details of the attending doctor who has aided the injured party.

  4. Post reporting, you can take the car to any local garage to assess the damages and receive a quote for the same.

  5. It is mandatory to furnish the FIR, if lodged, when there is any injury to the third party. Once you submit the quote to the insurer with the claim form, the company will make a final inspection.

  6. Under such a circumstance, the repair work cannot be commenced without the approval of the surveyor.

  7. Post the final inspection, the repairs can begin. In case of partial-loss claims, you have t submit cash bills for reimbursement.

In case of Salvage:

  1. If your car has been declared in a salvage condition, you should preserve it till the entire claim settlement process is complete. Salvage is the damaged part of the property which the insurance company will take over in order to minimize loss post payment of claim value.

In case of theft:

In case of complete theft of your vehicle, you need to lodge an FIR complaint and inform the police immediately along with the issuing branch. The FIR is mandatory as it is a legal requirement for claim submission as well as by the police authority.

United India Car Insurance Calculator

United India Car Insurance also provides the feature of a premium calculator. This tool is completely free of cost and can be found on the official website of United India. In order to use the tool, you need to fill the following details as input into the tool:

  1. KYC details - name, age, driving history and profession.
  2. Car - make and model, year of registration and location of use.

Post filling out these details, you need to simply submit the details in order to calculate the premium amount.

United India Car Insurance Review

Since the establishment of the General Insurance Business in 1972 in India, the United India Insurance Company has built an excellent reputation with over 18300 work force across 1340 offices which provide the best in call superior quality services across India. With a customer base of more than 1 crore policy holders, United India has been successful in providing insurance cover from cars, satellites to bullock carts. The car insurance policy offered by United India Insurance Company is preferred by most of the people over other car insurance offered by different insurers. The Vintage cars discount, AAI membership discount, NCB and a discount wherein 50% of the discount on the own damage premium for the vehicle that is especially used for the blind and handicapped people are the discounts that are offered by this Company that make them even more accessible to the Indians.

FAQs on United India Car Insurance

What type of car plans does United India have?

United India Insurance provides car insurance of two types - Package Plan and Liability Only.

What are the different modes of premium payment?

You can make the premium payment for your United India Car Insurance via cash/branch banking/net banking/credit or debit card/NEFT/RTGS or M-Power.

How can I cancel my United India Car Insurance Policy?

For policy cancellation before the expiry, you will have to physically visit any of the official branches of United India and fill up the surrender form. Post submission, the amount will be refunded to your bank account.

Is there a facility to substitute my present vehicle?

Yes, you can substitute your present vehicle with another vehicle provided the premium has to be adjusted accordingly on a pro rata basis from the date of substitution.

Can I transfer the ownership of my existing policy?

Yes, you can change the ownership. This transfer has to be conducted within 14 days from the date of transfer of ownership.