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Documents to Carry Before You Go for a Long Drive

Meeta Sabnis Meeta Sabnis 27 January 2016

While we so meticulously pack for those road-trips making sure nothing is missed out, shouldn't we be paying equal attention to the documents that need to go along related to our car and the insurance?

Car Insurance Documents

Going for a long drive or a road trip is therapeutic for most of us because we take a break from our humdrum existence and spend some time with our loved ones. Whether the drive involves a picnic or just an impromptu action to take a break, we carry some things with us which would be required for our journey. Our fully charged mobile, water, something to munch on and other required bits and pieces; we make preparations to go on that trip so that we may have a relaxing time. But aren’t you forgetting something? What about your car’s documents?

It is common knowledge that whenever we take our car out for a drive, certain important documents must be carried at all times for any sort of inspection. Whether you break a traffic rule or whether it is a random act, authorities have a right to demand your car’s documents for inspection. Having all your documents in order becomes all the more important when going for a road trip or a long drive because you might be far away from city limits when the inspection occurs and getting help might be difficult.

Below is the list of all the important documents which you should in your car, at all times.

  • RC Copy of your vehicle: The most important document of all is your vehicle’s RC book. It is the Registration Certificate of your vehicle which allows the vehicle to be legally driven. This is a mandatory document whenever your vehicle is inspected.

  • PUC Certificate: A PUC or Pollution Under-Control certificate is necessary for all vehicles plying on Indian roads. The certificate acts as a disclaimer that the gases emitted from your vehicle meet the standards set by authorities and is not harmful or causing pollution.

  • Driving License: Of course, driving without a valid license is a punishable offence. Whenever you are driving, your license should always accompany you.

  • Certificate of Insurance: The Motor Vehicle’s Act passed in the year 1988 has mandated that every vehicle plying on the roads should have a valid insurance cover. So whether you have a car or a bike, you must have an car insurance policy for the same. As per rule 141 of the Act, the insurer will issue you a Certificate of Insurance which will detail the particulars of your vehicle’s insurance. This Certificate should be carried in the vehicle at all times while your actual policy bond can be kept safely at home or your office.

Other than inspection, if you face any breakdowns for which you need the insurer’s assistance, you need the policy details. Without the Certificate of Insurance handy, obtaining such details and seeking your insurer’s help is gruesome.

Your long drive is that precious time which is to be spent for your near ones and not for running around because of lack of relevant documents. Carry these above-mentioned documents and ensure a pleasant time on your drive, free from any fines or penalty that will entail in the absence of any of the document.

Meeta Sabnis
Written by Meeta Sabnis
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