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4 Foolproof Ways to Make Your Car a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 16 September 2016

Do you require unlimited and quick internet connectivity? Your data plan may not suffice. Here is why creating a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car is the best thing ever.

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Going on a long trip in your car? Need ways to kill the time, isn’t it? Usually, boredom sets in quickly when travelling on long trips. No matter how beautiful the sceneries may be out there.

After a point in time, the scenic beauty and sounds of the breeze doesn’t seem to entice your kids any more. They tend to get bored and pester you.

There is only one solution – The Internet.

It keeps your kids busy while also helping you re-connect with the social world if at all you aren’t driving.

When you have data plans, then why Wi-Fi?

Though you can already access internet with your data plan, you may think that having in-car internet access would be redundant.

But you should note that if you need to perform multiple intensive tasks such as downloading files, creating documents, sending e-mails with heavy attachments, streaming live videos, etc. – Having Wi-Fi connectivity on the go is the best answer!

It serves as a revolutionary emergency kit

When you have the Wi-Fi on, no matter what, you’re always connected. But, if you’re the one driving make sure you keep aside the gadgets and drive carefully without any distractions.

Regardless of the data plan or signal strength, you can perform multiple tasks that help you reach out to someone in times of emergency as well.

  • Stay in touch with loved ones
  • Load navigation and maps to any destination
  • Browse for emergency services and contact numbers on the web

Boost your productivity instantly!

Probably you aren’t the one who travels with kids around. Maybe you’re just that enthusiastic office-goer who car-pools with co-workers. Or you could be that successful entrepreneur who discusses work with clients in the car while travelling. If that’s true – Wi-Fi is totally your thing!

When you’re not the one driving the vehicle, you can increase you can use the Wi-Fi in the car to increase your productivity like never before.

  • Use your laptop without having to eat into expensive data plans
  • Send e-mails and instant messages
  • Access work files, shared sites, cloud services
  • Stay connected with unlimited internet access for long without disconnectivity/ signal interruptions

The top 4 methods to creating a Wi-Fi hotspot

Let’s look at the top choices of accessing the Internet from your car:

1. Smartphone

The simplest option is turning your mobile phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. If your phone has this feature, then you can just create a hotspot with ease.

Pros – You can take your mobile anywhere and turn into a hotspot on the go. On the other hand, a built-in car Wi-Fi can only be accessed in your vehicle.
Cons – It will consume and push to the limits of your data plan. It will drain your phone’s battery and so you need to charge it continuously.

This is least recommended.

2. Mobile Hot Spot Device

Small devices that cater to multiple connectivities to the Internet. You can pick up these for relatively small one-time cost or a monthly subscription. This is the most sought after option when you have an old car or a new car without built-in Wi-Fi.

Pros - Very portable and allows you to connect from anywhere without draining your data plan or phone charge.
Cons – You have to incur additional cost on a monthly basis or buy a prepaid service.

3. Aftermarket Wireless Router

Portable hotspot devices come with a small antenna and have relatively lower signal power when compared to aftermarket wireless routers. It can create the same signal power of that of a built-in Wi-Fi.

Pros – Boost your signal and access the Internet with a higher speed.
Cons – They are usually priced higher and come with a monthly subscription charge along with installation costs.

4. Built-In Wi-Fi

Some of the latest and expensive car models have this feature of an all-integrated Wi-Fi system. This has good signal and is very easy to use.

Pros – Get connected to the Internet with ease from your car. Also, send diagnostic information to manufacturer or get updates from them
Cons – Spend more with monthly subscription costs. However, to beat this, many providers are coming up with Blocks of Time subscription, allowing you to choose a particular time when you want to have Wi-Fi in your car for long trips.

Remember that you should always opt for Wi-Fi depending on the your internet usage and the money you are willing to spend as per your budget.

At times, people take their car insurance policy for granted and drive carelessly. They think that since they have the zero depreciation car insurance policy add-on cover, it would provide complete compensation even on the depreciated parts of the car in the event of accident.

Insurance is meant to protect your car in case of misfortunate events. It doesn’t mean you drive wrecklessly! You need to always stay alert while driving.

No doubt it’s boon to have technology by our side. As mentioned earlier, fidgeting with gadgets while you are the one who is driving is just not recommended.

When driving, focus on just that! :)

Karen Menezes
Written by Karen Menezes
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