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Fearing Car Insurance Claim Rejection? Learn How to Handle It!

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 27 December 2016

Dreading the claim process? Here is your chance to avoid claims being rejected. Take a look at this check list to ensure an uncomplicated claim process!

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No one ever likes talking about an exam they failed. But, do you know what’s more worse? Not knowing how and where things went wrong!

There are good, bad and ugly claims. While most car insurance claims get processed, the ugly claims are the worst ones – the rejected ones.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help you get your claims approved.

Want to know how. Let’s find out!

Major reasons why claims get rejected:

  • No valid license - If you do not have a valid license or your license is fake, it has expired, or it is for a different vehicle category, then your claim is rejected.

  • Influence of alcohol or drugs - At the time of accident, if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then forget about claiming the insurance. Intoxication or drunk driving is a big exclusion.

  • Delay in informing your insurer - In case your car has met with an accident or has been stolen, ensure you inform your insurer within the stipulated time frame. If you fail to do so within 48-72 hours, you can say goodbye to your car insurance claim.

  • Failing to get insurance transferred to your name - If you own a second-hand car and the insurance is in the name of the first owner, do ask the seller to transfer the insurance in your name. If not, the policy is considered null and any claims made would be rejected.

  • Consequential damages - If you are careless, and crank the engine in a water-logged car or leaving your car unattended will definitely lead to rejection.

  • Your car is too old to be repaired - After examining your old car, if your insurer thinks that the repair cost is higher than its depreciated value, your claim will be rejected.

Even these unintentional mistakes are not forgiven:

  • Repairing your car without informing your insurer - In such case, they are not obligated to pay for it. You’d probably think, “Ah that’s okay. I’m anyway only gonna get it reimbursed. I can inform and claim once I get the car repaired and ready”. If you think that way then you’re wrong! Never repair it before the surveyors from the insurance company arrive at the spot. This is because they need to estimate an approximate repair cost.

  • Installing unregistered CNG kit - If you install a CNG/ LPG kit in your car and haven’t registered it with the RTO (Regional Transport Office) or your insurance company.

  • Exceeding limitation of use - Using your car for commercial purposes (as a taxi) and your insurance policy states personal use.

NOTE: (If you're going to use your car for commercial purposes, you can buy a commercial Car Insurance policy.)

How insurance companies approach claim requests?

You can’t expect complete support from the insurance company in terms of claims. You really can’t!

The jargons in your policy wordings are only confusing. However, your insurer could take help from any one or two in it to advocate their case of claim rejection. If you’re oblivious to the conditions mentioned, then you would in for a toss!

In such a scenario, it’s better to have an advisor in the loop (perhaps an agent or broker).

For example:

As a broking agent, at Coverfox, we help decode the car insurance claim process from the insurance company’s end. Simultaneously, we stand to represent the customer. Thus, ensuring a better success rate than claim requests processed through agents or individual.

A few must-know things in the claim business:

  • Never provide false information - Unlike buying offline, if you buy online, you may not have to produce any. However, that does NOT mean you can provide false information of any necessary or specific document. Fake info in the event of a claim is most likely to get your claim rejected.

  • Keep your accessories cover safely - If you have jazzed up your car with electrical gadgets and wisely insured them, make sure you keep your invoice with you for future references. You don't want to lose a claim just because you did not safe-keep your accessories/gadget cover invoice.

  • If your car’s stolen, first file an FIR - There is nothing worse than a stolen car. You end up panicking and that is natural. But NEVER forget to file an FIR, regardless of how worse the situation may be. An absence of FIR may delay the claim settlement process.

The foolproof claim procedure on your car insurance!

Want to know what’s the right method to file a claim? Check out this video!

Claim already rejected? Coverfox is still here for you.

Everything said and done, it’s not the end of the world. You do not have to accept a car insurance claim denial for the stated reasons as the final judgment.

It can always be contested through the right channel and with the help of the right advisor.

That’s why it helps to have Coverfox on your side, representing you!

Don’t allow a claim rejection situation to arise. Make sure you take the right measures to avoid it from happening.

Karen Menezes
Written by Karen Menezes
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