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The Morning I Found My Car Windshield Broken

Aniket Thakkar Aniket Thakkar 17 February 2017

What would you do if you ever found your car windshield broken? How would you respond to such a situation? Here are the important things you need to keep in mind.

Car Damaged

Owning a car is an important goal in everyone’s life. You save up over years to buy your dream car. Naturally, even a scratch or a dent on it can concern you.

Recently, to my horror, I found the windshield of my car badly cracked. But car insurance came to my rescue. My insurance plan helped me to solve the problem and save on the repair charges. Here is how I went about it:

Broken Glass

On a Saturday morning, as I stepped out for my morning jog, I noticed a crack in the windshield. Looking closer, I was shocked to find the windshield broken. There were shards of glass on the ground.

Miscreants had vandalised my six-month-old Chevrolet the previous night. The car was now a mess and unusable—that too, though no fault of mine. Besides, this was not a small crack, and I could not just ignore it.

Windshield Experts

A friend told me that there are specialised windshield experts who look into such matters. Windshield experts take care of glass repair, replacement, and insurance formalities for your automobile glass. They focus on repairing and installing broken glass.

I searched for windshield exerts who also take care of car insurance formalities on Internet and located such a service near my home. Service personnel inspected the extent of the crack and said that the glass would need to be replaced.

Comprehensive Insurance

When you own a car, you must have a valid insurance policy, preferably comprehensive coverage. Unlike third-party insurance, a comprehensive policy covers damage caused to your vehicle owing to an accident, vandalism, fire and other man-made problems.

Fortunately, my comprehensive plan had a ‘glass claim’. This covered the costs of repairing and replacing the cracked windshield. All the windshield expert had to do was file a claim on my behalf.

Cashless Garage

A friend of mine, Pritam, availed of cashless garage services when his car needed repair. Surprised? Many car insurance companies have tie-ups with local garages and service centres. Through these providers, the insurer offers a hassle-free, cashless facility to settle claims.

A cashless garage facility works like cashless hospital insurance. Pritam did not have to pay anything upfront. The insurance company paid the bill once the repairs were complete. Moreover, Pritam can access the facility with ease. The garage close to his house has a tie-up with his car insurance company.

God forbid but if you ever find your car windshield broken, you know what needs to be done.

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Aniket Thakkar
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