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An Easy Guide to Buying Insurance for Your New Car

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 26 May 2016

Got a new car? You won’t stop showering it with your love and attention, right? Then ensure you give your new car the best insurance plan. Find out how.

Buy Insurance for New Car

No more public transportation and begging your siblings for a ride! After all, your brand new car is going to shine on your driveway, very soon!

But are you well prepared to welcome your new car? If you want to protect your beloved, you need to gift it the right insurance coverage.

Which plan? What to choose? How to go about with it?

Count to three and open your eyes!

That’s how magically Coverfox can simplify your insurance struggle!

The dealer’s word is NOT the final word.

Never, ever, ever (at the risk of sounding like Arnab Goswami) think that you MUST buy the insurance plan offered by your car dealer. If you thought the dealer was giving you the best policy, you might be in for a surprise.

Dealers roll out insurance on a new car and let you think that they are giving you a discount on that as well.

The fact is that a dealer-issued policy is never the economical choice.

They usually tie-up with a single insurance company and advise their plan at the time of selling the car. The plan may comprise of features that you would have to accept along with the plan, regardless of whether your car requires it or not.

For that reason, you should always take charge and be the judge of what policy you choose for your car.

Buying insurance online is super-convenient!

Insurance companies find a lot of joy in issuing policies for new cars, even more when you choose this online! They're so happy, they even offer exclusive rates and attractive premium offers online.

You will be surprised to find out that there are quite a handful policies which works out cheaper than the normal ones. Buying online always works out convenient, is time saving and paperless too!

Endorsing your policy with your profile details would be as easy as making a Facebook profile for yourself. Just imagine, all those forms, papers and documents that you need to submit if you were taking this policy offline. The thought gives you shudders, doesn’t it? Online car insurance can surely help you beat the odds. Don’t believe us?

Watch this cool video.

Coverfox simplifies it further for you.

Buying a car insurance policy from us is a fun online shopping experience!

Just a few steps is all it takes:

  • Compare (from a wide variety of plans across the best insurers)
  • Pick add-ons (that match your car’s requirements)
  • Review the final chosen package (Check IDV, policy features, and premium)
  • Buy (Fill in your personal info and make the payment)
  • Get the policy in your mailbox (And enjoy a safe and happy drive)

You wouldn’t have to spend more than 5 minutes!

And if you want to change any detail that you may have declared wrongly (we understand you're new to this, it's actually cute!) But believe it or not, all you need to do is change it with the click of a mouse and submit a self-declaration form while you do it.

We’ll also send short and sweet timely reminders when it’s time so that you’ll never forget to renew if your policy is lapsing.

Of course, you also get the Coverfox advantage here:

Expert Advice:

Speak to our experts for informed and unbiased opinion that clears the confusion and helps you buy that perfect plan for you. Can it get any easier?

Post-Sales Assistance:

Our service managers assist you with all your post-sale requirements. This is from claims processing to renewals! They are like superheroes, but only better.

Customize the policy to match your car’s needs

You know what sort of a driver/person you are! Cautious, a temperamental person, a late-night party animal, or someone who always jumps signals.

Whoever you are, you will know the right add-ons:

Zero Depreciation

The zero depreciation add-on policy makes sure that the insured can get full claim of the value of car parts that have been damaged after an accident. It’s necessary for new cars and if you’re new to driving.

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Roadside Assistance

Car breaks down and you’re a first-timer with no clue how to handle the emergency. Of course, you can scream red, black and blue at all those passers-by staring endlessly at a broken down car.

Your car is hardly few months old and they don’t know how much hurt you are.

Engine Protector

Your standard car insurance policy does not cover engine damages. Thus, an add-on dedicated to engine is a smart way to avoid high costs on replacement.

We know that in India water logging in the streets is a common sight every year. You’d go through a tough time handling your car once the monsoons hit the city. This add-on helps immensely.

Invoice Protection

This car insurance add-on provides you with the option of getting entire reimbursement for the car. This is in case it gets damaged completely during an accident or any mishap. The benefit in this case is that the user does not have to pay 5% depreciation.

Just remember that it’s available on the first year of your buying the car.

No-Claim Bonus Protector

Without this add-on even a single claim can bring your accumulated NCB discount to 0%. You can make up to two claims and still not lose your NCB discount.

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Personal Accident Cover

This add-on includes the owner of the car as well as the driver for claiming the insurance. In case the owner is the driver and has undergone permanent damage or died due to an accident, the person or family is entitled to a 100% claim.

Just for the record, at Coverfox, we love new car owners too. We love it when we get to sort out confused newbies with clean and clear policies.

So, if you were ever to get clueless on a plan for your new car, we're here for you!

Karen Menezes
Written by Karen Menezes
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