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What The Batsman In Me Taught Me About ‘Driving’

Aniket Thakkar Aniket Thakkar 14 July 2016

How is batting related to driving? Learn how both require the same skills to ensure you get optimum performance. Read further to know more.

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Cricket is usually considered as a ‘Batsman’s Game’. A batsman has to have good hand-eye coordination along with quick reflexes. In a nutshell, batting is about moving the body in reaction to a moving ball.

Driving isn’t too different in comparison. As a driver you have to coordinate your hand and leg movements in response to the traffic. It requires similar focus to find the right ‘gaps’ and execute proper maneuvers quickly and efficiently. Being alert and swift will naturally minimize your risks of accidents.

How Do I Know If My Coordination Skills Are Good?

Well, if you are good cricketer – you already are following the cricketing Bible and are on top of your game! Similarly, road safety manual talks about following certain simple rules like -

  • Giving indicator when turning/moving left or right (Always listen to and guide people around you)

  • Avoiding rash and risky behavior (It is still about the timing)

  • Following rules (Abide by the manual)

Driving is no rocket science. Keep your eyes open and follow some simple tips to ace the city driving

  • With age your motor skills and ability of the body to function or move in sync with the mind goes down. So, if you are on the other side of 60, make a conscious effort to be safe. Repositioning the mirror and putting on the seat belt are some basic safety measures that can save your life. If that’s too difficult, hang up your boots and hire a driver to help you.

  • Work on your strength because it does impact your driving, especially if you don’t have power breaks or power steering. Taking a quick tight turn gets more challenging with age. Exercises like strength training or those which increase flexibility are advised.

  • Always check your safety gear including seat belt and watch out for any blind spots on the road etc. Also, remember and use the controls for operating the windshield wiper, headlights, etc. Prevention is better than getting retired hurt.

  • Change your car with time. There is always a right time to bid adieu to things you love. That awesome and fast-paced sports car works for a young, flourishing batsman like Virat Kohli. But, for someone playing his last innings on the road, a safer car with adequate security features would work the best.

Scoring an NCB With Safe Habits

NCB or no claim bonus may help you get up to 50% reduction on your car claim. And this happens within just a span of 3 years after you start driving. NCB is usually given to drivers with safe driving records, no accidental claims and a clean history.

The game is always on when you are driving. Implementing the safety measures and staying focused will definitely help you to score a century, both on and off the field.

Aniket Thakkar
Written by Aniket Thakkar
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