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Car Companies Encouraging Women Drivers

Aniket Thakkar Aniket Thakkar 04 May 2016

Women are gaining momentum, not only in political and business arenas but also a critical segment that was often linked to men – cars. Women are here to overtake men on the fast lanes, and a car is no longer seen as a symbol of masculinity.

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The need to have a car

Nowadays, more women sought to purchase four-wheelers for their personal mobility. In fact, the car is a more viable option for them to commute from place to place, than a two-wheeler. Since generally women like to travel in groups or with children, a car is more apt for them.

How automobile manufacturers are pushing the envelope

Automobile manufacturers cater to this development, by offering woman-friendly features like auto gears, driving training and also other exclusive accessories for women. Women have become more financially empowered and make critical decisions. Hence, they are buying small cars like Renault Kwid, Maruti Alto and many other large sedans and SUVs as well. There is no stopping for women now, as they are taking every step to equal men.

This trend is noticeable in the urban market now. In the previous five years, the percentage of women car buyers have grown to double digits from a mere 5%. So, automakers are looking to unleash this opportunity and welcome women customers with facilities like clutch-less transmission, park assisting rear cameras, foldable mirrors and much more. These services are available even in smaller cars.

The country’s largest car-maker, Maruti has recorded higher numbers of women opting many of their models and expects it to grow even more. In the past, there were hardly any women owners of vehicles. Today’s scenario is entirely a contrast. Since women have grown manifold in various professions and become more economically independent, women car ownership is on the surge.

The demographics of women play a major role

Another interesting trend that is visible is that most of the women car buyers are relatively younger and aged below 35 years. Also, women specific car loans and car insurance policies are in place to encourage this shift, and more women prefer to take loans, increasing to a whopping 76% from the previous years.

Practical and easy-to-drive car models

The auto gear shift and clutch-less models have been a huge success amongst women. There is an equal demand for a compact as well as large cars with space for larger groups and family members. Women are more practical and see the vehicle as their door to freedom. So they give more importance to the color, design, spaciousness, safety and quality of the vehicle.

They prefer their car-time to be easier and autonomous to some extent. So many automobile manufacturers adopt such features in their models. Women like to have options like park assist mirrors, good lighting for petrol and easy access, integrated systems for mobile and entertainment, especially for mothers.

In India, Hyundai attributes 15-17% of sales to women drivers. Most of them are from metropolitan cities and belong to small families. It is the most preferred mode of transport to commute to work.

We can conclude by saying that women should not be underestimated in the automobile space. Today, women are at an all-time high; they have spread their wings everywhere. It is nice to see more women get behind the wheels.

Aniket Thakkar
Written by Aniket Thakkar
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