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Isuzu Car

“ISUZU”, is quite an unusual name to pronounce. This Japanese giant is world’s leading automobile manufacturing company. It has a dominant presence in commercial vehicle, utility vehicle, and diesel engine segments. This manufacturer proudly says “CREATING WITHOUT COMPROMISE”.

The company's commitment to safety, reliability, engine durability and efficiency, along with the ability to develop market specific products makes it a global role model. They intend to follow the same tradition in the Indian markets.

Models Manufactured by Isuzu India

Isuzu MU-X

An elegant and huge looking SUV, Isuzu MU – X was launched in the year 2017 in India. This one looks more like Toyota Fortuner. The Isuzu MU-X gets a 3.0-litre engine which belts out 174 bhp at 3,600 rpm, while it makes a max torque of 360 Nm at 1,800-2,800 rpm. This Seven seater starts with a price of Rs.23.99 lakh in the Indian Market.

Isuzu D-Max V Cross

Truck plus car model type of cars are very popular in the US and are basically trucks. And Isuzu has attempted that in the Indian markets. However this is a proper sports utility vehicle. The interiors are almost that of a SUV. It has a 2,499cc four-cylinder diesel engine. It is turbocharged and can put out 132bhp and 320Nm of raw torque. The price starts at Rs.14 lakh in India.

Isuzu D-Max

We could say that this is the cheaper version of Isuzu D-Max V Cross. This vehicle is a pick up vehicle and is specially made for transport of goods. It has 78hp power for better pick up. It has a 2.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. It develops 136PS of max power at 3,600rpm and 294Nm of peak torque between 1,800-3,200rpm.

The price starts at Rs.6.99 lakh in India for D Max spaced cab with arched deck, Rs.6.09 lakh for spaced cab and D max single cab is priced at Rs.5.89 lakh.

Note: Prices are subject to market change.

FAQs on Isuzu

What happens if my Isuzu car insurance is already expired?

Not renewing your policy on or before your policy expiry will have consequences to it such as:

  • Inspection is required for renewal when policy is expired
  • You may lose out on offers and discounts if any
  • You lose out on the NCB (no claim bonus), because having an NCB provides discount on your policy premium
  • Most importantly, the premium will always be at the higher side, if policy is purchased after expiry

Which add-ons should I look for when renewing my Isuzu car insurance policy?

Below are the must haves add-ons for your Isuzu car insurance policy or most recommended add-ons:

  • Road side assistance

A road side assistance is a must in case of any emergency. What if's a flat tyre in the middle of a road or an accident? A road side assistance (RSA) will help you out in that case.

  • NCB Protection

    • When the Engine of the car is submerged in a water logged area, using or cranking the engine can result in engine seizing. This is not covered under regular Insurance.

    • Engine protector covers such non-accidental exclusions related to your engine. It is a must buy for luxury cars where engine is very costly & is placed at low ground clearance.

What if I provided wrong information while buying Isuzu car insurance?

In case if you happen to provide wrong information, the policy may stand null in that case. Though changes can be done on those, at the discretion of the insurance company.

However not all insurance companies will agree and make changes, some may also ask to cancel the policy.

Note: To cancel a policy an alternate fresh and correct policy is required across all insurers

Whom should I buy/renew my Isuzu car insurance, broker, agent or insurance company?

There are pros and cons if you buy policy from the below

1. Agents

Pros: They are physically available in case of any help. However not all agents will be able to help you in case any claim arises.

Cons: Since agents get commission on target basis, they may sell you to most expensive policy and not the one which is tailor made for you.

2. Insurance Company

Pros: Most of the insurers have their toll free numbers. You can always contact them in case of any claim related issues or services related issues.

Cons: The insurance company will only have its own product, and you may not have the chance to compare the prices, services etc. with some other insurer.

3. Brokers


  • Brokers like will provide you with unbiased suggestions with regards to services, premiums, and claim settlement ratios of the insurance company.

  • You will also have a designated service manager’s team to help you with your service related query, a claims team to handle your claim until settlement and a special express claims team in case if your policy falls under Express claims.

Cons: Not all brokers are available 24/7 on the toll free numbers .

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