Jaguar Car: Things You Need to Know!

JAGUAR cars expresses your feelings. JAGUAR's designers and engineers develop cars that are a complete blend of beauty, responsive performance, dramatic design, refined with elegance, which makes each car stunning and makes you stop and stare.

As of now, JAGUAR offers 5 variants of cars in India. Each having models and the facility to customize it.

Models Manufactured by Jaguar


XE is the most advanced saloon car by JAGUAR. XE is efficient and agile. The XE is a complete pack of performance, power, advanced technology and elegant design with electric power assisted steering, which makes XE models distinct. JAGUAR XE has 3 models – XE PURE, XE PRESTIGE, and XE PORTFOLIO.


JAGUAR XF a refined and luxurious that comes with the state-of-the-art technologies to give safe, exciting, and entertained drive. JAGUAR XF gives you what you look in a business car with its dynamic drive. JAGUAR XF has 3 models – XF PURE, XF PRESTIGE, and XF PORTFOLIO.


JAGUAR XJ redefines the meaning of a luxurious car. Make your co-passengers feel home with its stretchable and relaxing passenger cabin. XJ has long wheelbase feature with a metre of legroom is a unique ‘limousine’ and has received the highest ‘TOTAL QUALITY SCORE’ in the luxury car segment of 2016. JAGUAR XJ has two models – XJ PREMIUM LUXURY and XJ PORTFOLIO.


JAGUAR F-PACE is a performance driven SUV. An overall package of sporty handling, beauty, and efficiency. F-PACE has the DNA of sports car with powerful engine and spacious interiors. F-PACE has only one model as F-PACE PRESTIGE.


JAGUAR F-TYPE is an outstanding and stylish saloon car by JAGUAR. It is unique in body styles. Coupé and Convertible body styles are available. With the state-of-the-art technologies and an unrivalled driver-focused experience, F-TYPE is powerful. Apart from its base model, F-TYPE Coupé is available as R-DYNAMIC Coupé, R Coupé, SVR Coupé. Apart from its base model, F-TYPE Convertible is available as R-DYNAMIC Convertible, R Convertible, SVR Convertible.


JAGUAR I-PACE is a concept car. The preview of I-PACE concept showcase it as a first all-electric 5-seater sports car. Its bold exteriors and powerful electric engine makes it a next generation car.

FAQs on Jaguar

What happens if my Jaguar car insurance is already expired?

Even if your Jaguar car insurance policy lapses for a single day, you may have to pay a hefty penalty. Because having a valid and legal jaguar insurance is a must for all the vehicles plying on the Indian roads as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

If your policy has expired, you need to renew policy immediately without delaying it any further. It’s not only about the penalty, but also, if in between the period of renewal, any loss or damage incurred due to an unfortunate incident will not be covered by the insurance company.

To renew Jaguar car insurance, you can simply use the car insurance premium calculator to compare quotes offered by the top insurers. Once you finalize the insurer, the insurance company will send a surveyor to take a survey of your car. That is, the insurance company will arrange for an inspection of your Jaguar car. If there are no damages and the surveyor confirms, the insurance company will issue an insurance policy.

Things to keep in mind: Delay in more than 90 days to renew your Jaguar car insurance means no NCB discounts. Plus, the premium may increase.

It is therefore advisable, to renew your insurance policy before it lapses. Buying your Jaguar car policy from ensures that you never forget your renewal date, lose NCB discounts or pay a hefty penalty. Stay covered.

Which add-ons should I look for when renewing my Jaguar car insurance policy?

If you have purchased a new Jaguar car, it is advisable to check out few add-on covers. The most common add-ons that you must check out are Zero Depreciation, Return to Invoice, Engine Protector.

Buying these add-ons means an increase in premiums, but is a sure shot way to save tons of money in case of any unfortunate incidents or at the time of claims. The garage cost would be too high.

What if I have provided wrong information while buying Jaguar car insurance?

If you have given any wrong information, even if it is by mistake, but you need to get it corrected immediately.

For instance, you’ve bought Jaguar F-TYPE, but the in your policy it mentions a wrong engine chassis number or engine capacity, it is considered as null and void. And such a policy is not considered as a legal document to support your claims.

Even if there's a minor correction in the spelling of your name or surname, it is recommended to get it rectified immediately.

Please ensure everything mentioned in the Jaguar car insurance policy document is as it should be. And check all the minute to minute details the moment you receive it in your inbox.

If you find anything that is wrongly informed or printed, contact the insurance company for the required changes and only then accept the jaguar insurance policy.

From whom should I buy/renew my Jaguar car insurance, broker, agent or insurance company?

There are a number of ways you can buy or renew a insurance policy for your Jaguar car. You may be knowing some agent from who you had previously purchased, however, agents can only sell policy from one company. A broker will provide you with a number of options of premium quotes from the top insurance companies. Lastly, you can also directly buy or renew from an insurance company.

Each has their own benefits. However, there are things that are exclusively offered by online insurance brokerage company. When you buy an insurance policy from an online insurance broker like, you get many goodies:

  • You can compare quotes and add-on covers online at no cost
  • You can customize your policy and select the right type of insurance policy
  • You get policy instantly in your inbox. And with no paperwork, you save time supports you at the time of claims. We have a team of experts to support you at every step.

Is Jaguar insurance premium dependent on engine capacity? If yes, then how?

Yes, the premium of Jaguar insurance depends on the engine capacity of the car. The higher the engine capacity (cc), the higher is the premium charged. So, if you bought a Jaguar XE, having the higher engine capacity and your friend has another car with a lower engine capacity of, your will be charged more because of the higher engine capacity.