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Is Roadside Assistance Cover Really Worth It?

Meeta Sabnis Meeta Sabnis 12 July 2016

Should you opt for a roadside assistance cover? Learn how much beneficial and cost-effective it is to have a roadside assistance cover in your policy.

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Today, when the car has become a necessity for a modern man, an insurance that covers your car's damage, is also necessary. But the question is how important a roadside assistance cover can be.

From experience, we can say that it can be really helpful. Be it a flat tire, car breakdown, minor mechanical defect or electrical fault, it can be intimidating if any of the mentioned problems occur when you are in an unknown place. A roadside assistance cover can rescue you from any of the disastrous situation.

Usually, roadside assistance facility comes with car insurance policy provided by the car insurance company. If your car insurance does not have this, you can opt for roadside assistance as a standalone product.

What Does It Cover?

Roadside assistance provides these following benefits-

  • Battery jump start
  • Towing service
  • Spare key arrangements
  • Phone assistance
  • Emergency fuel
  • Minor repairing
  • Alternative transport/ accommodation

How Does It Work?

When you are stuck in the middle of the road due to fuel emergency, flat tire or car break down, you need to call roadside assistance number provided to you the time of opting for this service. Once you call your insurer and ask for help, they will send a crew to the rescue point in due course and take responsibility for your damaged car. Most of the time, these services are free. But in some cases, you have to pay for the services.

For example, if you are in a need for an emergency fuel and rescue team reach the exact location after getting your call and refuel your car, you have to pay money for refueling. In other instance, if your car breaks down in the middle of the road at such location where you cannot find any locality or transportation nearby, the roadside assistance crew will arrange for your alternative transportation or accommodation, and you’ll have to bear the cost.

Payment is also applicable for towing your car. During monsoon, this facility works as wonder as car breakdown is very normal at this time of year. Although you’ll pay for the accommodation or the fuel, the idea of a prompt and quick help at emergency is heaven.

Factors You Must Consider Before Taking Roadside Assistance

There are few factors that one must take into account before taking roadside assistance cover. Followings are the factors:

  1. Age of the Car
    This is one of the primary factors. As your car ages, the chances of getting a mechanical damage rises. And due to this factor, many service providers will either be very reluctant to provide roadside assistance or will ask for higher charges. In many cases, car manufacturer provides this service complimentary along with the car.

  2. Number of Available Services
    This is another important factor because you can avail this service only up to a certain number of times during the year. For example, TVS Automobile solution has come up with two kinds of roadside assistance services. One is a gold card and another is platinum card. While gold card holders get breakdown assistance six times a year, platinum card holders get the same service for a unlimited number of occasions.

  3. Plan Prices
    Different plans offers various benefits that come with a different range of prices. Usually, price depends on the age of the car and how many times service has been provided to the car owner.

Roadside assistance seems very beneficial as this service takes all the hassles in your stead. In an aspect of car maintenance and protection, this service is a great help. Even if you have the financial stability to maintain your car, this service offers you prompt assistance. If your car insurance isn’t including this service, go for a standalone add-on cover because you never know what’s coming in future especially when it is about your car.

Meeta Sabnis
Written by Meeta Sabnis
Her mantra in life is to dream, and dream until you turn them into reality. A neurotic Kajol fan, Meeta loves spending time with her gorgeous twins, ensuring a childhood they’ll be proud of. Bargain hunting, crazy dancing and romancing alphabets are some of her other cravings. She’s currently a Content Writer at Coverfox.