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L&T Is Now HDFC General – Would It Impact Me?

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 30 September 2016

As HDFC ERGO has acquired LnT General Insurance, would it affect existing and new policyholders at large? Find out this acquisition can benefit you buying a policy from LnT.

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HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company has recently bought 100% stake in L&T General Insurance Company Limited for Rs. 551 crores, which in other terms means L&T General Insurance has become a subsidiary of HDFC ERGO. The acquisition has been completely approved by the Insurance Regulatory Development of India (IRDAI) and Competition Commission of India (CCI).

With this development, L&T’s policyholders and distribution network have also come under HDFC ERGO.

The question that might be giving policyholders sleepless nights is, “Would this acquisition affect my existing L&T general insurance policy?”

Let’s dig into details as to what really changes and what doesn’t.

Factors That Stand Still

If you are an L&T Insurance policyholder, you can stay stress-free as very little would change for you. In fact, you would be pleased to know that the acquisition brings greater potential for you as a policyholder.

• Continuity in High Service Standards

The improved cost-efficiencies that occur due to the combined size and expertise of both the entities would only stand to benefit stakeholders and insured citizens. As an L&T policyholder, you can continue to enjoy better and higher service standards executed by HDFC ERGO. The best part is that you get to access a combined and comprehensive suite of products of both the companies.

• Premium Remains the Same

The insurance products would continue to be sold on existing terms until their renewal. Ultimately, there will be a single set of premiums charged. So, as of now, once you purchase the policy, nothing changes with respect to the premium amount.

The Switch

A few minor changes would be incorporated in the system but that won’t have much effect on policyholders.

• Change in Brand Name

L&T Insurance would be now renamed as HDFC General, which is a subsidiary of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited. The change in name would be notified to you as and when that happens.

• Faster Claim Settlement

When it comes to claim settlement and after-sales requirements, the shift would be gradual upon policy renewal. On account of the acquisition, the claims would be handled by the broad and joint network of both the companies. This means that as a policyholder, you can expect better operational and customer servicing competencies.

The Contact Point

The contact remains the same as provided during policy purchase. Any change will be communicated whenever it happens. Also, you can relax as Coverfox.com is always there to assist you in settling your claims, offering unbiased advice, and providing the best insurance and claims services at all times.

Karen Menezes
Written by Karen Menezes
An optimist at heart, Karen loves to see the world through a pair of rose-tinted glasses. An award-winning blogger, she loves to dream with her eyes open. Writing is not her passion, it’s an OCD! If at all she isn’t writing, you can find her shopping online or experimenting with DIY recipes. This lass currently works as a Content Writer at Coverfox.