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Renault Kwid Car

The Renault Kwid Car comes as the most competitive smallest car with extremely super cool design. The French engineers intended it for the Indian markets. The look inspires you to taste adventure. It definitely gives a vibe of a micro SUV.

Exterior and Interior of Renault Kwid

Exteriors of Kwid

The signature Renault diamond logo with ubber good looking headlights makes it more appealing. The ultra-modern fog lamps are like never seen before on the Indian roads. The sculptured muscular front end flows into a dynamic silhouette machine.

Interiors of Kwid

The Kwid has elegant styling interiors as well. The dash board gives an impression of perfection. The Media and Navigation system is centrally located on the dash boards creating a high quality feel. The seating is not that spacious as compared to the other hatchback models of competitors in the market. However it has not compromised on its looks inside.

Variants of Renault Kwid

The different variants of the Renault Kwid are mentioned below:

Renault Kwid Standard

Being a basic model, the features are very similar to the RXE version of the vehicle. It has a digital instrumental panel including the speedometer with grey covering of seats, but loses out on ac and only gets a heater function.

Renault Kwid RXE / RXE opt


This model is one above the standard version. This comes with a satin finish on the dash board. This car is fitted with an ac and heater. This version proves of no value at it comes without power steering and music system.

RXE opt

With some additional money, you do get a choice of opting a music system; however this variant also does not provide an Ac. This comes as a setback with Renault’s Kwid as other competitors in the market are offering a standard version with an Ac and power steering.

Renault Kwid RXL

This version comes with an electric power steering, auto on/off cabin light, passenger side mirror, premium front seats. It also includes music system (with Stereo with radio, MP3, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, 2 speakers & 12Vsocket). The cabin is two colored with some satin finish on the ac vents. This variant loses out on power windows and fog lamps.

Renault Kwid RXT / RXT opt

RXT Dual tone dashboard, front fog lamps, front power windows, media and navigation system (this variant has information and music system which is touch screen).This variant also has a rear parcel tray, cabin light with timer and a lower glove box on the dashboard.

RXT opt. With some extra money you get driver side airbag and a remote keyless entry with central locking system.

The Kwid's Ex - Showroom Prices in Mumbai

  • Standard starts with Rs.2.75 lakh
  • RXE starts with Rs.3.18 lakh
  • RXL starts with Rs.3.96 lakh
  • RXT starts with Rs.3.97 lakh

'Prices are subject to change'.

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Renault Kwid Car Review

Overall Kwid gives a chill as compared to the other car models available in the market, it undoubtedly stands out unique. If you enter the car, it feels much bigger from inside. Kwid is good on roads as Renault was aware that Indian roads are not smooth and are bumpy.

Its SUV looking body is eye catchy. With speed, it's much stable than others models available in the market. It can definitely give a tough competition to Alto, Eon and other small cars in the market.

FAQs on Renault Kwid

What is the price of Kwid Car?

The price of a standard Kwid starts from Rs.2.75 lakhs.

What are the best features of Kwid Car?

The SUV inspired body is a major eye catcher. It comes with high ground clearance as compared to any hatchback. Other top feature includes a digital instrumental cluster.

What are the things not so good in Kwid?

The Kwid misses out basic feature in the standard model as compared to its counter parts in the market who provides an ac and power steering in their basic models.

What is the mileage of Kwid?

The average mileage is 24 kmpl on highways and 20 kmpl in city.

Which are the best cars similar to Kwid?

Hyundai EON , Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 and Tata Nano are the best car models similar to kwid.

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