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Must-Read Guide to Protecting Your Ride this Monsoon

Karen Menezes Karen Menezes 06 June 2016

With the monsoon season approaching, your car is bound to face damages. Read on to know how you can brave the rains and ride your way through the city.

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Monsoons are here, and it is beyond doubt that they come as a relief after the scorching summer heat. But if you drive a car, you would also know the hell heavy rains can let loose on daily travelers!

  • The agony of driving through waterlogged roads.
  • The struggle to ensure that your car is not parked in an area prone to flooding and waterlogging.

Waterlogged streets can cause serious damages to your car, including the engine and electrical parts that are vulnerable to indemnities. Now, you cannot stop Mother Nature, can you?

But there are things you can do to prevent your car from getting damaged this Monsoon.

The best way—make sure your car is appropriately insured before you head out this monsoon.

Since, there’s more to protecting your car than just insurance also, read on to know more.

Indian Monsoon: Downpour and Breakdown

Indian cities like Mumbai and Chennai have been dealing with the havoc of monsoons for almost a century! How can one forget the Mumbai floods of July 2005, or 2015 Chennai floods or on June 2018, 20 Cars getting buried as the Wall of a South Mumbai Complex crashes for that matter?

In 2005, a cloudburst spurted 944 mm of rainfall in Mumbai, which led to landslides and an outbreak of diseases, claiming approximately 698 lives and damaging 20,000 cars.

Ten years later, in 2015, Chennai witnessed incessant rains that disrupted the harmony of life. The metropolitan city recorded 1218.6 mm of rain – thrice the monthly rainfall. More than 10,000 damaged cars including brands such as Mercedes, BMW, and Audi were classified by insurers as beyond repairs and had to be put up for sale at cut-price rates.

A few years down the line, on 25th June 2018, the opening heavy rains lashed the city without mercy and a portion of a wall at an 32-storey apartment complex, Lloyds estate in Wadala's Antop Hill south Mumbai collapsed, which led to a road caving in and burying at least 20 parked cars.

Not just floods, poor urban planning in most Indian cities, has made Monsoons a dreaded experience for most drivers.

Be Monsoon-Ready by Insuring your Car

We have no control over natural calamities and there is little we can do when the disaster strikes. Today it could be just heavy showers and floods that could submerge your car causing damages. Tomorrow, it could be trees uprooted by strong winds falling over your brand new car. In future, hailstones of tennis-ball size may fall from the sky destructing your car and endangering your life.

Why do you want to take the risk of not having car insurance?

A small amount of preparation about the unforeseen event can help you deal with the crisis.

With a comprehensive car insurance cover, you can claim your insured declared value for irreparable (total) damage or a refund for repairs in case of partial damage. Addition of a few important and essential add-on covers like Zero or Nil Depreciation, Engine Protection, Roadside Assistance, Return to Invoice, No Claim Bonus Protection at a nominal additional premium can enhance the comprehensive car insurance even more.

Stuck in Monsoon Waters – What to Do?

You cannot avoid potholes and puddles during the monsoon. But, driving at cautious speed in waterlogged areas makes sense if you want to avoid the engine from getting stalled. If at all your car is stuck in water and there is no hope, here are some must-know tricks!

  • Avoid keeping the AC on as it may increase the splash of water while your car is stagnant in the water.
  • If the car breaks down, avoid cranking it as it may damage the system after the water ingress. (If you still do that, chances of receiving claim will be turned down by your insurer as they wouldn’t be able to gauge whether the damage was caused by inundation or subsequent cranking)
  • Avoid using central locking for closing the car doors.
  • If the water-level has reached the passenger compartment, DO NOT turn ignition ON.
  • Call roadside assistance and get the car towed as it requires a systematic approach

Keep a Digital Copy of Insurance in Your E-Mailbox

In the midst of chaos, when your physical assets including your car are being damaged, you may misplace numerous things – one being your motor insurance papers. In fact, the papers may also get drenched like the rest of the things in your car.

How should you prepare for a scenario like this? Ensure you keep a digital copy of your car insurance policy in your emails. As simple as that!

And if you have insured your car with, you can be assured of viewing and managing your policy online without any hassles through your Coverfox Account. So, in times of crisis, rather than worrying about protecting your insurance papers, you can focus on your most important priority in life – family!

How Can Help You

It’s raining cats and dogs and your car breaks down… What to do? Well, if you have insured your car with, our roadside assistance service will come to your rescue and tow your car to safety.

God forbid, but if at all your car gets damaged, can assist you with making car insurance claims.

  • Drop in a mail to
  • You can also call up on our toll free number 1800-209-9970 to get in touch with our service management team
  • We would require your name, mobile number, policy number, and current year policy document.

If you have already registered the claim, then you will be asked for the claim number.

After verifying your details, the claim settlement process begins right away. Generally, cashless claims are settled in 7-10 working days; while reimbursement claims are settled in 15-20 working days.

Natural calamities can befall any moment and dampen the sunshine in your life. Don’t let it play spoilsport to your financial health. This monsoon, fearlessly battle the stormy weather and heavy showers by taking all precautions, including – Having the right car insurance!

Karen Menezes
Written by Karen Menezes
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