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Car Insurance Exclusions

You have paid the premium and bought a car insurance policy. You must be sorted, right? Think again. Some conditions are permanently outside the scope of your car insurance coverage.

So read your policy wordings carefully and know the car insurance exclusions to:

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Drive your Insured Car Safely

This is especially when you know that your car is not covered for accidents happening in case you were found to have broken the law.

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Avoid Claims-related Discontent

Because car insurance exclusions affect the claims settlement amount, it’s better to be prepared now than be shocked later.

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Get Optimum Coverage

When you know that regular wear-and-tear is excluded from the purview of car insurance, you could buy suitable add-ons for to make up for it.

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What is excluded from a Car Insurance Policy?
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Alcohol and other intoxicants

If the car driver is detected to have been under the influence of alcohol while at the wheel when the accident occurred.

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Malicious, suspicious activity

Underage drivers, driving without a license or on the wrong side of the road are all grounds for rejecting the claim.

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Claims which include coverables

Costs of petrol, car coolants and oils, nuts and bolts, etc. are also not included. Claims are only valid in the case of an accident.

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Regular wear and tear of your car

Since this is the normal depreciation of the vehicle, your damages to the car will not be fully compensated in such a case.

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Consequential damages

For example, if you find gear oil leaking from the engine and still attempt to drive your car resulting in the gearbox failing, this damage will not be covered. 

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Cars used for activities yielding commercial profit

There are separate policies for private and commercial cars, so any manipulation of the same can result in a rejection.

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Still think that this is all a bit too much?

Why don’t you watch our video instead?

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A Note to remember!
Smart claims help you protect yourself intelligently.

Now that you know the car insurance exclusions, ensure that you avoid delay in reporting an accident too. Most insurers allow only a 48-hour time frame within which you have to intimate the insurance company about the claim.

But the golden rule of them all? Read the policy document carefully and follow all the rules, and everything should be just fine!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the most common exclusions in a car insurance policy?

The exclusions of a car insurance policy are very common. The most common ones being:

• Any accident that occurs outside the geographical area of operation

• Consequential loss in terms of normal wear and tear

• If you make a claim for an accident that occurred at a time when you were driving without a valid license for that class of vehicle

• If you were found driving under the influence of liquor / drugs

• If you have been misusing your car. For example: when it is a private vehicle and is supposed to be used for private purposes, you end up using it for commercial purposes like a taxi

• All types of mechanical or electrical breakdown or failures which fall under the specific exclusions

• If your car has been damaged due to radioactive contamination, nuclear fission, and war invasion.

• If damage has been done to the tires and tubes, your claim would be rejected. Unless the vehicle is damaged at the same time or the vehicle is stolen.

• If you have willfully damaged your own vehicle, you definitely should not be expecting coverage.

How would knowing the exclusions on my car insurance policy help me?

Knowing what is not included in your car insurance policy would save you from burning a hole in your pocket at a later stage.

For example: you own a car that is used for personal reason, but if you use it for reasons other than its purpose (using your privately owned car as a taxi) and if your car meets with an accident, then there are high chances that your claim would be rejected.

Having a better understanding of things that are excluded in your policy is essential as it creates better clarity and prevents any chances of confusion and misunderstandings even at the time of renewal.

The blame game does not happen when the terms and conditions along with the exclusions are made clear to you right at the beginning.

I just consumed little alcohol but accidentally wrecked my car, would my claim be accepted?

It doesn’t matter if you have consumed excess or just limited alcohol. Regardless of the quantity you consume, if you are caught drunk driving and then make a claim on your car insurance policy due to an accident, your insurance company would definitely probe into the matter. And after it has been confirmed by the insurance company that you were under the influence of alcohol at the time of accident, they will straight away reject your claim. And if this exclusion was clearly mentioned on your policy document, then you cannot even argue with your insurer.