Insurance for BMW 7 Series Car

Luxury comes in the soul essence of it with the BMW 7 Series. The car is a sedan that marks its birth date in the year 1977. The German car encountered its fifth facelift in 2008 and is fitted with a 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The car also employs a new second generation iDrive touchpad since 2014.

Exterior and Interior of BMW 7 Series

Exterior of BMW 7 Series

  • The gracious sedan is precisely sculpted to display well-calibrated styling proportions.
  • The eye-catching kidney grille and the Adaptive LED headlights frames the extravagance of the front appearance.
  • The muscular rear design is complimented by the wrap around rear lamp assembly and the wide rear bumper.
  • Theoverall dimension scheme of the car reads - 5219mm x 1902mm x 1481mm (L x B x H) and a long wheelbase of 3070mm.

What to opt for: The enraged dynamism injected in the veins of the exquisite sedan hints towards a full exterior parts cover along with the added accessories.

Interior of BMW 7 Series

  • An ultra-perceptible sense of comfort and convenience marks the interior design of the sedan.
  • The 10.2-inch LCD screen compatible with BMW's Navigation System professional and the BMW head up display relates to the convenient interior technology.
  • The cabin flaunts luxury with the large leather seats and the Bang and Olufsen sound system.
  • The two 9.2” LCDs behind the front seats and the efficient dual-zone air conditioning system extends the comfort part.
  • With capacious head and leg room a spacious cargo space of 510 litres is gifted.

What to opt for: With the advanced interior technology and the dependable safety (DSC, DTC, ABS, immobilizer, etc.) the sedan needs to be covered with a passenger cover. The invoice insurance remains a choice in the hands of the owner however, it can be missed.

Specification of BMW 7 Series

Engine Variant750Li Petrol760Li Petrol730Ld
Engine (displacement)4395cc V8 TwinPower Turbo Petrol5972cc V12 TwinPower Turbo Petrol2993cc V6 TwinPower Turbo Petrol
Max. Power Output (kW @ rpm)330 @ 5500400 @ 5250190 @ 4000
Max. Torque Output (Nm @ rpm)650 @ 2000-4500750 @ 1500-5000560 @ 1500
Transmission8-speed Automatic8-speed Automatic8-speed Automatic

Performance of BMW 7 Series

Acceleration 0-100km/h (sec)
Fuel Economy (kmpl)11.627.4616.46

What to opt for: The exquisite sedan owing to its pumped-up dynamic values and well-calibrated handling assistance displays tough competition against the rivals- the Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The highly-priced sedan features a high maintenance cost and must be covered under full damage insurance cover.

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