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RTO Ahmedabad

The RTO of Ahmedabad functions under the Transport Department of the Gujarat Government. It actively offers services such as registration of vehicles, driving license, permits, collection of tax operations for vehicles, etc. under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Services offered by Ahmedabad RTO

  • Temporary Registration

RTO of Ahmedabad offers facilities of temporary registration

  • Permanent Registration

In order to get the permanent registration done for your vehicles, all you need to do is submit Form no.220 and show your vehicle at the RTO.

  • Refresh Registration

In case you wish to get the registration again, you can do so with the help of Ahmedabad RTO. For non-transport vehicles that has completed 15 years since the registration date, you can get a fresh registration done.

  • Copying of Registration certificate

For getting a duplicate copy of Registration certificate an application as per specimen 26 should be submitted along with documents such as police report, PUC and insurance certificate.

  • Replacement of Ownership

You need to submit documents such as Form No. 29 (the seller’s signature), Form No. 30 (Part 1 seller’s signature and 3 signatures of the buyer in part 2)), Proof of a valid residence, Insurance Certificate, PUC and RC Book for replacement of ownership.

  • No objection certificate

In order to get a NOC for selling the vehicle in any other state outside Gujarat, you need to present Form No.283 copy.

  • Change of vehicle

In order to make changes in the vehicle registration book, you need to fill an application form in BTBTI

  • Entering a higher purchase order

You need to submit documents such as Form No.344 along with the signature of financier or the vehicle owner.

  • Cancellation of the higher purchase

You need to submit documents such as Form No.35 along with the vehicle owner’s signature, implemented insurance, P.U.C.

  • Selective numbers

The RTO of Ahmedabad also offers services of allocating selected numbers for the vehicles post the registration of the vehicle.

  • Permit requirement

Every transport vehicle owner should take a legal permit in order to convert his/her vehicle to ply it in any public place.

  • Goods carriage

RTO of Ahmedabad offer services such as permit for goods carriage.

  • Stage carriage

Along with a fee of Rs.1 you need to submit the application in a sample PSTA.

  • Private service vehicle

Offers services such as private service vehicle permit. You need to pay a fee of Rs.1 and submit the application in a sample PCRSA.

  • National Permit

Offers services such as national permit for the vehicles that carry goods.

  • Endorsement

To get endorsement on your existing driving license, one must submit learning license and permanent license along with Form-8.

  • Transport vehicle

You need to first get the authorization for operating a transport vehicle.

  • Duplicate copy

You can get a duplicate driving license copy if you lose your original driving license.

  • International Driving Permit

You can get an international driving license permit in case you wish to drive abroad for a limited duration.

  • License for the disabled

Offers driving license for people with special needs under Section 10 of the Act, 1988. However the disability should be confirmed with the help of a medical certificate.

  • Cancellation of license

Offers facility of cancellation of license.

Address and Contact Details of RTO Ahmedabad

Address: RTO Office, Subhash Bridge, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, Pin code: 380027

Phone no: 079-27559696

Email address: